The Lashes You Use Say A Lot About You

The Lashes You Use Say A Lot About You


You’re a skilled lash artist doing quality lash applications. You turn away women wanting a cheap lash provider and cluster lashes as opposed to your kick-ass individual lashes, and you think to yourself “good lashes aren’t cheap, and cheap lashes aren’t good.” You’re right, and we agree! It’s why we save up for those Louboutins or Chanel Classic Large Flap handbag (drooling). We want quality! We crave quality! We deserve quality!

I’m sure you’d agree with the above, But - I’m here to vent a bit about a problem I see with so many business owners out there. It’s a crisisand it’s killing businesses. Business owners are claiming they do high-quality lash services but are cutting corners using cheap lash products. This is false advertising, friends! Would you feel proud carrying around a knock-off designer bag? Not so much. We want the real deal. We want the prestige that comes with carrying around that authentic, luxury bag.

So if good lashes aren’t cheap, and cheap lashes aren’t good when it comes to an application or service, then why are so many business owners using low-quality product? Let's break it down:

A full sized mixed tray of lash extensions (16 lines) is enough for roughly 16 clients. (Knowing your cost per service is important).
If you’re paying:
  • $24 a tray (Sugarlash PRO price for mixed trays, your cost per client is: $1.5
  • $20 a tray, your cost per client is $1.25
  • $16 a tray, your cost per client is $1
We are talking about a difference of a couple quarters per client, here!

Here are some lash business no-brainers.
You want to:

  • Retain clientele
  • Have your lashes stand out from the rest
  • Be proud of the products you use
  • Save money on application prices without compromising quality

Sugarlash PRO

Sugarlash PRO was founded to fill a gap that I saw in product as a lash artist and business owner. I could teach my staff to perform quality lash applications, but I could never find a product that I was proud to use. And after continuing intense product development and testing, and three years of business, Sugarlash PRO is still as passionate about and unwilling to compromise on quality as when we began. I have built every business I own on the premise that quality is the priority. And this is what has caused my businesses to flourish.

If you’re scared to pay a bit more for lash product, let me assure you that if you want to charge top prices for your services, you need to use the best available product to you. If you want to attract high-end clientele who are going to stay with you once they feel and see the difference in their lashes, you need to use the best available product to you. If you want to showcase the fact that your business puts your client’s experience and results as their top priority, you need to use the best product available to you.

Cutting corners is killing businesses. If you want to be an influencer in the lash industry, you need to stand out, and to stand up for quality and the integrity of the industry.

So if you haven’t tried Sugarlash PRO lash products for yourself and your clientele, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your business stand out for quality across the board.

Sugarlash PRO Products

A few features about Sugarlash PRO lash products that are different than the rest...
  • All lashes are triple (yes, triple) treated for curl retention and hold up even under super hot, humid weather and rough sleepers.
  • All SL PRO lashes are made with a semi-porous material which makes bonding to the natural lash easier and firmer (instead of a super slick lash extension).
  • All SL PRO adhesives are extremely low fume and have over 6 weeks hold time.
  • unique products like tweezer rolls, acupressure ring and bracelet sets, and cleansers to make your business stand out.
  • All lash products are tried and tested by CEO/Founder Courtney Buhler and her team of lash artists.
  • We offer ways to save you money like FREE SHIPPING on order minimums. We also have a loyalty rewards program where every $ you spend earns points towards free adhesive, lashes, and other cool must-haves!
And so, so much more!

Here’s the bottom line. You deserve to have a booming business, and your clients deserve the best quality from you and your products! Sugarlash PRO is high lash society, and we’d love to welcome you!

Have any questions for me directly? Any product ideas or requests? Join The Lash Social on Facebook!

Wishing you all of the success!

Courtney Buhler
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