The Future of the Lash Industry

The Future of the Lash Industry

We recently sat down with Sugarlash PRO Educator Angela Chang, to talk about the future of the lash industry and what trends she thinks we’ll see emerging. 

Natural VS. Dramatic 

There has always been an eyelash war between the natural look of a lash lift and the dramatic effect that lash extensions offer. We have begun to see the popularity of the Hybrid set decrease, and make way for three distinct groups of lash clients…

  1. The Naturalist: This client is obsessed with their natural lashes and in turn loves the effect that a lash lift offers them. They love to show off how amazing their natural lashes look with the enhancement of a lash lift, and they prefer the easy maintenance and natural effect they get with the lift. 
  2. The Classic-holic: If you have this kind of client coming into your salon, you’ll know that they never waver from their classic sets. They want full and beautiful lashes that get them noticed, but they don’t want anyone to know they have eyelash extensions.
  3. The Drama Queen: This client is all about the volume and mega volume lash sets. They are not afraid to be seen and have their lashes be the focal point of their face. You’ll want to perfect your fan-creation skills and level up your volume and mega volume application efficiency. 



Eye and Lash Health 

Similar to the rise in popularity we have seen in wellness, self-care, and skincare, we are predicting that clients will become more concerned with the health of their eyes and lashes. As a lash artist it is crucial that you are knowledgeable about the anatomy of the eye, as well as the health of the lashes and eyes. Having the knowledge is one thing, but being able to identify when your client’s lashes are experiencing stress is another thing. These skills are critical to building trust, confidence, and long-lasting relationships with your clients. 

As client’s look to focus on the health of their natural lashes, we expect to see the popularity of nourishing serums or eyelash growth solutions increase substantially. If you are retailing products in your salon, this would be the perfect addition to your product offering. Additionally, PLUMP is an amazing back-bar product and service add-on, to show your client’s the potential that these products offer for the health of their natural lashes. 

Styling Trends 

Texture, Texture, Texture

  • We have seen this trend emerging in popularity already. Lash artists are moving away from perfectly symmetrical lash looks, and opting for more texturized and featherly lashes. You’ll want to use a variety of curls, diameters, and lengths to create customized lash looks for your clients, and their beautiful and unique features. The LashSTYLE Online Course is the perfect way to level up your styling skills and offer your clients those texturized lash looks they are craving. 

The Rise of the Bottom Lash 

  • Let’s say you’ve mastered volume and mega volume lash extension application, and you’re looking for the perfect addition to your service offering - bottom lashes might be just the thing. Lower lash extensions create a cohesive look, while highlighting our favourite feature - the eyes. When executed perfectly these extensions create definition and length, without looking ‘fake’. We are predicting that you’ll be having clients who are interested in trying bottom lash extensions

Lashes for All

  • Lashes for all! We have said this before, but we will continue to shout it from the rooftops - anyone and everyone can have lashes! We expect that there will be a trend towards more men looking to enhance and highlight their natural lashes, through a lash lift or lash extensions. Men’s natural lashes are longer, thicker, and stronger - making them the perfect candidate for most lash services. 

Let us know in the comments which trends you’d like to see in the future of lashing!


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