The 5 Keys to Business Success

The 5 Keys to Business Success

When you go from lashing in the basement to becoming a successful salon owner to founding a multimillion dollar company, people start to ask you for business tips — a lot.

Luckily, Sugarlash PRO’s CEO and founder, Courtney Buhler, doesn’t mind giving advice. In fact, she thinks sharing the secrets to her success helps the entire industry flourish. It was her idea to develop LashPRO Accelerator — the lash industry’s ONLY comprehensive business course — to help her peers get to a higher level.

Here are her top 5 tips to business success!


1.Think BIG — and plan accordingly

“Always treat your brand and business way larger than it is. Even from day one. Switch from saying ‘I’ and ‘mine’ to saying ‘we’ and ‘ours’. Using verbiage bigger than your current status sets out intention of growth,  giving your business no choice but to grow the way you think and speak of it.”


  1. You can’t do it all — DELEGATE


“Stop trying to do everything. Too many people spend way too much time fumbling on things they are weak at. In the beginning, I did most things myself at the beginning, like web design, branding, packaging, marketing, and shipping. But I never had the ability to illustrate a manual, do photography for my website, or handle finances or taxes. Know your strengths and have FUN with them — and outsource your weaknesses. ALWAYS. Or else you’ll never grow.”

  1. Play to your PASSIONS & STRENGTHS

“Know what will ‘move the needle most’ and say no to things that don’t feed your spirit or your success. For years, Sugarlash PRO has never done trade shows. Some of this is just due to a lack of time, but also because I didn’t feel that NOT attending would make or break us. I knew I wanted to speak at conferences and inspire people, so I prioritized those events instead — for us, trade shows were always a no.”

  1. No one likes a COPYCAT

“STOP COPYING OTHERS! There is NO business advantage to branding and marketing like your competitors. Find a unique service menu, unique pricing, branding, photography style, brand voice, etc. Yes, we may all do lashes but there are SO many ways to present yourself differently. You NEED to stand out. Getting  lost in a sea of the same a real concern. Break out. If you need help doing this, our LashPRO Accelerator course teaches you how to differentiate yourself!”

  1. Avoid BURNOUT

“This is a tip where I have to confess, “Do as I say, not as I do.’ I definitely burnt out early in 2018. But so much of business success is about playing the LONG GAME — and being able to keep up your pace and growth at a constant level. Sure, you can work countless nights, take on extra clients, and never see your family to get a ton of income in a short amount of time. But it WILL catch up to you and you’ll have to scale back or take time off. Then what’s the point?”

These are not the only 5 tips that got Courtney — and Sugarlash PRO — where the company is at today. But it does serve as a decent start to begin thinking about your company with a newer and more expanded — perspective. Business growth is a confluence of so many factors, and when it comes to the lash world, TRAINING is your key to success. That’s why we developed LashPRO Accelerator. So that your venture skyrockets — and takes the industry with it.

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