Summer Pool Party Lash Social

Summer Pool Party Lash Social

Toronto Lash Squad

If you told me four years ago if I would be sitting in a pool alongside successful, gorgeous women laughing and talking about everything lashes, I would have said you were lying.  

When I first started in the lash world, I was very excited, but I felt very alone.  Being your own boss is amazing but that came with so much responsibility and no colleagues to share the load with or even vent to about troublesome tasks.  A life of a Lash Artist requires you to not only be an artist, but a business woman, a designer, a social media manager, an accountant, a therapist and so much more.  Not to mention there are artists out there who are also mothers! There was a time when I didn’t know where to order products or I’d be pulling my hair out in frustration because I couldn’t figure out why my client’s lashes were falling off prematurely.  Mainly, this was due to the poor training I received. However, when I tried to reach out to other artists, they gave me vague answers or didn’t respond at all. I’m assuming in fear of revealing their skills and knowledge to competitors.

The Lash Industry is still quite young but to my delight, slowly, there has been a shift where artists are now supporting, empowering and lifting up each other.

Earlier this year, I came upon the Lash Social Events with Sugarlash PRO. It was an opportunity for local lash artists to get to know one another, share industry tips, and ultimately strengthen our lash community — Sign Me Up!

I have been a Lash Social Host in Toronto since March 2017 and I have learned so much from other lash artists, but most of all, I have made lasting friendships.  We talk about our struggles, share our favourite products, give advice and encouraged each other to reach our goals (sometimes over wine or scoops of gelato!)

For last month’s lash social I wanted to have a fun and colourful theme, as we’ve been getting sunny and hot weather lately here in Toronto. So I thought — What could be better than a Summer Pool Party?  Lucky for us, our fellow lash sister, Sam, offered to have our get together at her beautiful rooftop pool overlooking the city of Toronto.

I’m so thankful for Sam, for helping me plan and execute the whole event.  As I am not a great cook, I had no idea how to feed the girls, but her boyfriend graciously offered to prepare, marinate and barbecue kebabs and cut up fruits for us! I purchased all the snacks and desserts, vibrant wine glasses, crazy straws and bubbles for boomerang purposes!

So many ladies were interested in joining us for this social, but sadly I had to keep it at a maximum of 9 attendees. Nonetheless, our intimate group was able to gather around the table and converse with each other while munching on snacks and food from the barbeque.  

Recently, I became a part of the Sugarlash Squad and was thrilled to have my fellow Ambassadors Debbie Vo (DMVO Lash Bar) and Emily Milewski (Top Lash Toronto) join us.  The others in attendance were Sam Brewes (Bloom Beauty), Steph Ly (Lash Queen Steph), Ashley Medeiros (Ashley Doll), Naomi De Guzman (Lash Likha), Cynthia Chiang (Flaunt Em Lashes), and Michelle Hoang (Chell We Lash).  The ladies ranged from one-week experience to five years in the lash industry.

As two of our attendees were enrolled in the Sugarlash PRO Accelerator Course, they shared with us how they liked it thus far and the benefits of taking the course.  We discussed the training that we received, the services that we provide and goals for our businesses. Our juiciest conversation topic was sharing our top ways to unwind after a long day of lashing.  By sharing industry wisdom and past experiences we are able to build each other up, celebrate our success and increase the quality of service and level of skills within the lash community.

I’ve never laughed harder than I do with these girls talking about all things lashes! Gone are the days when I feared asking other artists about their preferred suppliers or how to troubleshoot a product.  Now my lash friends are just an Instagram message away!

Lash Likha
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