Summer makeup trends to glam up your look without gunking up your lashes!

Summer makeup trends to glam up your look without gunking up your lashes!

Hot weather, outdoor activities, and beach days make summer the perfect time to slack a little on the makeup routine. If you’re like me, 30ºC is enough excuse for me to ditch the foundation and opt for a more natural look—plus, when you have lash extensions, you pretty much look killer all the time! But with so many easy and extension-friendly summer beauty trends this year, we thought we’d compile a couple of our favourite beauty looks for those work barbeques, beach parties, and days when you want to spice up your summer look without gunking up your lashes!

1. Gold all over.

Whether you’re about that natural sun-kiss, or—like me—a fond friend of SPF 35 and bronzer, nothing says summer beauty like glowing skin. Brush bronzer along cheekbones, around the forehead, and across eyelids to add dimension, and highlight above the cheekbones and cupid’s bow for a dewey, sun-kissed glow!

2. Under-line.

As an avid lash extension wearer you know that heavy liners can cake into the lash line and gum up your extensions. This summer, bring the drama down a notch—literally, down!—and line the bottom lashes instead. By concentrating on the lower lashes, you not only draw attention to your best feature, you play with one of the season’s funnest trends while keeping those extensions free and clear of build-up! 

Ania Milczarczyk

3. Skin is in.

This summer is all about low key beauty, so keep face makeup to a minimum—let’s be real, it’s probably going to melt off anyway—and go bold with your brows. Whether you’re a powder, pencil, or microblading kind of gal, statement brows draw attention to your eyes while keeping your lids and lashes makeup-free! Bye-bye gunk!

This summer, keep your lashes happy and healthy by taking advantage of these low-key beauty trends!

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