Summer (Adhesive) Love: Optimize Your Adhesive for ANY Environment!

Summer (Adhesive) Love: Optimize Your Adhesive for ANY Environment!

The weather’s getting a LOT warmer — which means summer’s just around the corner! Which means beach time, vacations, festivals, playing outside, and… changes to your adhesive performance.

But that latter point doesn’t have to be inevitable with the following tips to optimize your adhesive even in the hottest months!

When the humidity/temperature of your lash space is too HIGH:

Humidity (and an overly high temperature) is what speeds up the curing of your adhesive. When you don’t use enough adhesive in high humidity, it will start curing before the extension hits the lash, resulting in weaker bonds or lashes popping off. The solution? Use more adhesive to give you more working time!

  1. Release 2-3 drops together of your favourite bond onto your adhesive surface instead of the usual single drop so that it stays workable for a longer time while also being more protected.
  2. Try to get 2-3 beads of adhesive into a larger bead at the base of the extension, rather than the usual thin coat. Bring it to the natural lash a bit higher than normal, and do a shimmy (1mm) back towards the base of the natural lash to smooth out the beads and lock the lash in place.

When the humidity of your lash space is too LOW:

In some areas, warm summer months means increasing dryness, which can really slow down adhesive drying and curing speeds.

  1. For dry areas, make sure you prep the natural lashes by washing with Lash Pure Cleanser. It’s designed to help hold moisture in the lashes, which will help the adhesive grab onto the lash and speed up on contact.
  2. Place wet cotton pads on your client’s cheeks (which Sugarlash PRO CEO and founder, Courtney Buhler, calls the “cheap woman’s humidifier”!), securing with a bit of paper tape. This can bring moisture to the area around the eyes, which will encourage your adhesive to speed up.


While rising temperatures do generally have an effect on your lash space, It’s important to have the right tools and products to be able to control your lash environment.

    1. Signature Bond! This cult classic is a year-round hit for a reason — it is the most flexible adhesive, working in the widest range of humidities, from 20-75% RH.
    2. If your humidity is continually too high, seriously consider getting a dehumidifier so that you’re more in control. If it’s too low, definitely have a humidifier and/or misting diffuser in your space.
    3. Finishing Spray assists in eliminating adhesive fumes
    4. Invest in AC when needed. Adhesive needs a stable temperature under 23 degrees Celsius — to achieve this, air conditioning is your friend.
    5. It’s difficult to control your humidity and temperature of your lash space if you don’t know what it is in the first place! The Digital Thermo-Hygrometer is the ideal tool for any space to immediately ensure conditions are perfect for lashing.
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