Stuck in a Lash Business Rut? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Out

Stuck in a Lash Business Rut? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Out

Being a lash artist is synonymous with being a business owner. And like any entrepreneur, sometimes your venture can get into a rut.

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LashPRO Educators Crystal Harvey, the owner and operator of Halifax’s Scotia Lash Inc., and Sadie Welder, the woman behind Lashionista Lash Lounge in Vancouver, are veteran bosses who know the ups and downs of ownership — and who better to give you advice on elevating your business than the experts themselves?

Here are their top 5 ways to kick things back in gear when business is down:

Get Referrals

Give your current clients incentives to bring in business. Our idea? Give them 10% off their next fill appointment if one of their friends or family members comes to you for lash services. As Crystal points out, “Get your clients to be your walking billboards!”

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Do a Promo

Everyone loves a good deal, and there’s no better time than when business is down to do a promotion. For example, during slower weeks, offer 20% off a full set. Or if a holiday or special event is coming up, work a promo around it (ie. around Mother’s Day, you could do a mother/daughter discount if a mom and daughter book services with you in the same week). According to Sady, promos work best if you’re able to plan ahead — so if you know a slower week is coming, that’s the time to execute.

Host a Lash Event

Whether you’ve got a cute home-based studio, or a stunning commercial salon, slow times give you the perf opportunity to host an event in your lash space! You could do a girls’ night out for potential clients complete with lashing and champagne (‘Sips n’ Sets’ has a nice ring to it!), or partner with wedding photographers to do a bachelorette service for bridal parties. Whatever type of event you host, make sure you’ve got a space for clients to show off their lashes on Insta, and make sure your decor shows off your fabulous taste.

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Social Media Glow Up

No, we’re not talking about you posting YOUR #glowup pics on Instagram. Slow business might be a sign of issues in marketing — and for lash artists, social media marketing is the bread and butter. Take a look at your lash mentors’ curated feeds and DON’T COPY, but think about what you could do to promote your work in a more targeted way. Are you using the right hashtags? Are your colours coordinated? Are your photos framed and lit properly? If you see issues, slower times are when you should get your social media ON. POINT.

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Take a Class

They say there’s no better time like the present. But when it comes to lash education, there really ISN’T a better time than when business is slow. It’s the perfect opportunity to UPSKILL. Are you a pro at classic lashing? Learn volume! Technically proficient, but need help with customizing sets to your client? Take LashSTYLE! Realize you need to tweak your technique a bit? Look out for a LashPRO Revolution  course in your city! With new techniques, styles, and products coming out all the time, the lash industry constantly evolves — and you should too!

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Crystal and Sadie collaborated to give us a lot of these tips — and more can be found on our groundbreaking lash business course, LashPRO Accelerator.

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