Self-care as a Lash Artist with Educator Mandy Beach

Self-care as a Lash Artist with Educator Mandy Beach

How often do you think about self-care and what it looks like to you. As a lash artist and entrepreneur you're always on the go. What's next? Where do we go from here? How can I make this bigger, better? I often find myself lost in the train of thought and forget to fuel myself.

That is what self-care is. It’s fuel for your body and mind. I don’t care how amazing you are (and if someone hasn’t told you today, you ARE amazing) no one can function on empty. So it’s important to focus on self care daily and make it part of your routine so you never end up burnt out. 

I have let myself get too empty before and it’s a lot harder to get started. Motivation can run pretty dry so try not to let yourself get to that point, which is why daily self-care practice is crucial.

When you're burnt out everything suffers, including your work. Ever notice when you’re having a bad day or life is too busy, lashing just seems harder. Fans like to pop off, lashes like to be stubborn, you start to lose your patience and  feel that unpleasant heat radiating from your skin. Heads-up, you're about to blow. Time to hit pause as soon as you can, and refocus on you.

Self-care in theory sounds really easy, how hard can running a bath and listening to music be but I know that is not always the case. It is really hard to unplug from life’s demands and allow yourself to do what makes you feel good. So be kind to you. Taking small moments for deep breaths, a short guided meditation or rocking out with a dance party for 1 can completely transform your day. 

It’s important to find out what self-care looks like to you because it’s different for everyone. Some people find cleaning and getting chores done therapeutic (hint, that's not me) others it’s reading or going for a run. If it makes you feel good and motivated it’s considered self-care.

As you start to prioritize yourself watch how life completely changes because when you take care of yourself and stay fuelled everything is better. When I take time for myself, I can see it in all aspects of my life. I have more energy to play with my daughter. I am more motivated to do those chores and get my to-do list done. It shows in my work and suddenly I am creating sets that are on fire, and completely being the bad ass boss babe of my dreams.

If you’re reading this and thinking well I have no idea what self-care looks like for me. I got you. I created a little self-care challenge to help you get started. When you need to hit pause and take some time for you just reference this challenge card and give something a try. Other platforms to check out are Pinterest, which is loaded with self-care ideas and Spotify which will have tons of playlists and podcasts for relaxation and guided meditations. 

Mental Health and self-care go hand in hand. If you find you are having more bad days then good days, I encourage you to reach out to a safe place. This could be a family member, friend or help line. I’ve done all three in the past. Life is challenging on a regular basis but right now we are living in uncharted territory and it can be incredibly isolating. I want you to know It's ok to not be ok, you are not alone. Reach out if you need to, take time for you and know we truly are all in this together.

Sending love and positive vibes your way.


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