Overcoming Lash Struggles

Overcoming Lash Struggles

One of the biggest things that constantly hits us about the lash industry is how fast-paced it is. New products, new techniques, and new types of clients are always on the horizon. Each innovation demonstrates the need for lash artists to be highly skilled — and constantly get educated and re-educated. The fast pace is what makes this industry such an exciting challenge — but even the most talented lash artists sometimes struggle with a new concept.

We asked our LashPRO Educators to tell us a concept they struggled with — and how they overcame it.


Sadie Welder


“Creating narrow fans. It was hard! Then I took a class and learned a new skill that made it easier — after that, I diligently practiced every day for 20 mins.”


Crystal Harvey


“Layering blew my mind in the beginning, but after practicing row separation with my lash pick, it became a LOT easier.”     

Meghan Beck


“What I found tough was the correct side placement of fans to create a darker lash line. I took multiple courses and practiced on every client — I even blocked out extra time to ensure I didn’t use the excuse of running late in an appointment! I also learned to adjust my body position to get a great bond.”     


 Debbie Vo


“ I honestly struggled with picking up the perfect fan, and I eventually overcame this by using a tweezer that worked for me (and learning its sweet spot!) Retention was another issue, but using an adhesive that works with your environment is crucial with proper application.”

Kristen Wade


“It really helped to use the best adhesive for my environment; I learned more about cyanoacrylate, and monitoring my environment made lashing much easier. My fans stayed open and I got far fewer stickies. Isolation! I struggled with that! I was initially taught to isolate with straight tweezers, and these were not my favorite — I found it difficult to get a clean isolation. I switched to an angled (V-45) tweezer and isolation was a breeze.”       

Angela Chang


“I needed to learn how to use the proper amount of adhesive. I watched training videos and talked with all my clients about their retention. After that? Practice, repeat, then practice and repeat!”

Leah MacQuarrie


“Fan control was HARD. Each fan I made would come out completely different — some would be wide with 6D and some would be narrow with 3D. When I first started out, I wasn’t even aware that this was a problem. Then I signed up for a volume course and learned that you need to be intentional with every single fan. Simply being aware of this improved my volume skills immensely.”                                           

Meghan Teichrib


“I struggled a lot with coverage. My sets ended in these sparse-looking lashes. Once I learned to utilize layering techniques, like starting from inner to outer lashes and using innovative tape methods, it really improved for me.” 

No matter what you struggle with, the perfect set begins with great EDUCATION. Whether advanced or beginner, what sets the most promising lash artists apart is their willingness to continue learning. Whether you need a course to master lashing basics, or amp up your fan-making abilities, or add lash lifts to your service menu, or finesse your styling skills, or refine your business, you can get it from Sugarlash PRO’s Academy, the industry’s largest range of online courses, allowing you to learn anywhere, on YOUR time. 

And with new courses coming in Mega Volume and Lash Tinting, your lash skills will never be left behind. 

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