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Our ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide

We have a few weeks until Christmas and lash artists are busier than ever ensuring their clients are looking and feeling their best for the holiday season. So whether you’re a lash artist yourself, a client, or someone looking to spoil their artist, here are 6 gift ideas you can be sure the lash artist in your life will love!


We’ve said it before, but the proper tools will make all the difference when it comes to your overall well being. Not sure which tools those are? Check out our Blog: All About Metals to find out which tweezers Sugarlash PRO’s Tamra Hami recommends!

A Humidifier 

Not only are these good for your skin, but also your adhesive! Keep the air in your space just right with a little humidifier tucked into your lashing space. A diffuser is also a great idea substitution if you’re looking to spoil your lash artist this holiday season.

The Gift of LashSTYLE

It’s no secret that our LashSTYLE course is our most coveted course! It is an incredible game changer for any lash artist’s business. So if you’re hoping to give the gift that keeps on giving, look no further! Bonus: You’re also gifting yourself with this one!


Lash artists biggest problem in life is keeping everything organized! Find some cute acrylic organizers for the perfect practical gift. SLP also has small and large cosmetic bags for optimal storage and cleanliness! Not only that, but they’re clear, so you know exactly what you’re reaching for every time!

Gift Card

While not the most creative of gifts, it’s still guaranteed to make your artist beam. Whether it’s Starbucks or their favourite homeware store, a gift card is a versatile and thoughtful gift that is sure to make any lash artist happy!


Stay cozy this holiday season with some SLP swag! Our toques will especially keep you looking warm and fab this winter - we’re Canadian, so we know what we’re doing when it comes to a proper toque


Becoming A Lash Artist...
Becoming A Lash Artist...