Met Gala 2021

Met Gala 2021

It’s the event of the East Coast where celebrities and designers showcase their most avant-garde looks in an evening of fashion and beauty that is all about celebrating art. This year, the theme was “In American: A lexicon of Fashion”. While the designer themselves did not need to be from North America, their outfits needed to showcase America’s freedom loving spirit. You’ve already seen the fashion, so let’s talk about the top 5 makeup and lash looks! 

Yara Shahidi| The model, actress, and activist is boasting a flared spiky lash look and a bold pink blush and eyeshadow combo. The nude lip pulls the focus straight to the eyes. In the world of lashes, we all know how important it is to identify eye shape in order to achieve your best lash looks. Here, we can see Yara’s almond eye shape further accentuated by her lashes. Our LashStyle course will teach you all about Face Theory and lashes, but here’s a little insight from the PRO’s here at Sugarlash: square face shapes with a flick style lash are a match made in beauty heaven! Use anything from a C to M-curl in our Runway Full Mixed Tray to achieve a similar sultry look on your clients. We don’t call them Runway Lashes for nothing! Makeup was done by Emily Cheng for Dior  Beauty.

Amanda Gorman| She shines like the fifty stars in the American flag with this avant-garde eye look! Amanda’s lash style is pretty natural here, but we needed to talk about the poet’s natural beauty shining through. She has a diamond face shape which is flattering for any type of lash style. For your diamond shaped clients, the challenge here is figuring out eye shape as well as what they want. For a more natural lash, use our Plush B-curl for a less dramatic look and mix lengths to create a natural wispy effect.

Barbie Ferreira| Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” has come to life in this red carpet look. Serving sea-to-shining-sea vibes in this burlesque inspired gown, her outfit was complemented by her bold purple shadow and dramatic eggplant smokey wing. Barbie Ferreira’s heart shaped face suits the natural lash look her artist went for. It’s a balanced look that definitely captures the essence of the theme this year. For your heart shaped clients, this ultra feminine shape can be accentuated using a natural or flick lash style using a C to a D-curl in our stunning and bold Flat Mixed Lashes to achieve that perfect smokey lash effect inspired by Barbie’s Met Gala look.

Dominic Cooper| It wouldn’t be a proper review if we didn’t talk about the men of the met! Dominic Cooper’s banana yellow suit and baby blue shirt are a stark contrast to his dark features. Although Dominic isn’t sporting any visible falsies, we do believe a masculine lash set would help accentuate his eyes so the focus is pulled there and less to his facial hair. Masculine lash styles tend to be shorter with less of a curl to them, but don’t let the name fool you. Many women prefer a “masculine” lash style due to it’s more natural look. Extensions aren’t for your client? No problem. Offer a lash lift and tint instead! This process will achieve a naturally lifted look without the maintenance of lash extensions. Even Dominic’s glam team probably took a curler to those lashes when all he needed was a little Lift, Set, and Nourish with a black glaze to complete his look!

Megan Fox| We can’t talk about the Met Gala without talking about Megan Fox! Her oval face and almond eyes make her an easy client to work with - most lash styles would compliment them! Her makeup by Ash K Holm for Bibi and Buxom is perfect from her brows to her lips. With a little bit of mapping, you can help your client achieve that sultry kitten eye effect. Don’t be afraid to mix curls and diameters to achieve that perfect feathered lash style! Use our Runway CC, D, and M-curl to create your Megan Fox inspired lash map!

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