How to Stand Out in a Sea of Other Lash Artists

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Other Lash Artists

Written by: Leah MacQuarrie

As our industry continues to blossom there is a plethora of new artists beginning their journeys and even more entering the teaching space which means competition. There is a new found urgency for many beauty professionals to gain or re-build clientele. As a home base lash artist and an educator I find myself talking with students and clients about the “why” they choose me. 

In order to figure out the how we first need to understand why. Ask yourself why would a client choose me over my competitor down the road? If there is no determining factor you can think of don’t worry. I will share some of the foolproof ways you can be the #1 choice. 

  1. Take advanced courses as you advance. This may sound self explanatory but many artists don’t do this. It is so important to be staying up to date with not only new techniques but also to keep yourself challenged. Remember... knowledge is power. Doing this shows clients that you are providing the best and most up to date services and products, but more importantly that you care about your craft 

  2. Create a unique service menu. Your service menu needs to entice your clients in and show that you are a better option so it needs to be different! While Sally down the street offers classic hybrid and volume you can be offering unique styles and techniques. Create options for clients to book a wet lash set, strip lash effect, eyeliner look. When you create more options it shows that you have a diverse set of skills and can customize the lashes to fit their exact needs. 

  3. Do model sets regularly. Whether you've been doing lashes for 1 month or 8 years, model sets help you stay relevant. When I say do a model set I mean book a friend or family member in and do a set that you don’t do on clients, this could mean trying something new or taking 3-4 hours on a set to ensure everything looks perfect. These photos from your model sets will entice clients and really showcase your skills. Often when we are doing regular client fills we book an hour and don’t have time to photograph. I book one model per month and from this I get really great photos for social media which almost always results in new client bookings. 

  4. Offer a more personalized service. Every client's first service should include a complimentary facial analysis and discussion about what suits them and why. Often as lash artists we can glance at a clients face, ask them a few questions and know what we need to do. Sitting down with them and explaining our knowledge will not only allow them to build trust but it will set us apart from other service providers in their mind. So the next time one of their friends tells them they're going to get lashes done they will tell them about their experience and how we take the time to customize the lashes to their eye shape and face. 

No one is the same as you. Find what makes you different and lean into that. 


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