How To Grow Long Eyelashes

How To Grow Long Eyelashes

There’s no denying that long, dark eyelashes are one of the most desirable beauty traits. Though some of us are blessed with naturally lush lashes, there are those of us who need a little help in the long lash department.

There are some home remedies that you may want to avoid, since they have not been proven to actually work, and you may just be wasting your time and money. These include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Olive Oil, with or without lemon juice/ lemon peel
  • Massaging the eyelids
  • Coconut oil
  • Green Tea applied with a cotton ball
  • Castor oil

There are some proven remedies, however. From biotin supplements to lash serums, we will break down the best ways to grow longer lashes, or to fake it ‘til you make it!

Why Do We Want Long Eyelashes?

Our need for long lashes goes back, pretty much, to the beginning of time. Men and women alike used to style their lashes in Ancient Egypt. They darkened their lashes with kohl and ointments, which also acted as sun protection for their eyes.

Fast forward to the present day, and we still long for longer lashes (pun intended). In recent years, eyelash extensions and lash serums have risen in popularity, and let’s face it: long voluminous lashes really make the eyes pop. 

But in addition to aesthetics, there are some real reasons why it’s beneficial to have longer eyelashes. 

They Protect Us

Believe it or not, eyelashes actually serve an important function: they are there to protect our eyes from the daily contaminants that could harm them. When we are working out, our eyelashes, along with our eyebrows, keep the drops of sweat from rolling straight into our eyes. 

In addition, eyelashes function as a sort of curtain to keep dust particles, pollen, and other tiny specks of dirt out of our eyes. 

They Make Our Eyes Look Bigger

Have you ever wondered why your eyes look so much better after you have curled your lashes and put on a fresh coat of mascara? It is because those elongated lashes make your eyes look bigger. This optical illusion takes place because when we see those long lashes, our eyes are drawn upward and it creates an appearance of bigger, rounder eyes. 

Big eyes are commonly associated with youthfulness so the longer the lashes the more years you can subtract! Of course, everyone has their own ideas and preferences when it comes to what makes us attractive, but longer lashes certainly never hurt anyone!

They Accentuate the Limbal Ring

You may have never heard of the limbal ring, but most of us have them. Most of us are familiar with the term ‘iris.’ Well, the limbal ring is the circular area of pigment around the iris. 

If you look in a mirror right now, you will see that there is a tiny ring around your iris. Don’t see one? Well, it’s possible that you may be one of those people who doesn’t have this trait. Not everybody does. Though most of us are born with them, they tend to fade with age. This is why, even if you didn’t realize it, the limbal ring tends to indicate youthfulness. 

Those with lighter eyes have a better chance of retaining the limbal ring as they age, while those with darker eyes may have a limbal ring that is not quite as noticeable. A 2017 study found that those with prominent limbal rings were deemed more attractive than those without. So it’s worth it to lengthen your lashes to accentuate those limbal rings that you might not have even been aware of!

How Long Does It Take for Lashes To Grow?

All eyelashes go through what’s called a natural shed cycle. This means that, unless you suffer from eyelash breakage, your lashes will grow to a certain length and then eventually fall out naturally. This is a completely normal and natural process, similar to what happens to the hair on our heads.

In general, healthy eyelashes will grow roughly 0.15 millimeters per day and tend to be approximately seven millimeters long. Obviously, these numbers vary from person to person. 

Some people may lose eyelashes prematurely due to conditions such as alopecia or blepharitis, and for those people, certain medications might be the only way to grow lashes back.

How Can You Grow Longer Lashes?

If you were not blessed with long lashes naturally, you may be wondering if there’s anything that you can do to grow them longer, faster. The good news is: yes, there is! In fact, there are a number of tips that you can do in order to cultivate longer lashes. 

Cleanse Your Lashes

This may be a no-brainer for some, but you absolutely must cleanse your lashes daily. Leaving your lashes covered with mascara and eyeliner residue will contribute to breakage and shortening the shed cycle of your natural lashes. 

Even if you don’t have extensions, Sugarlash PRO’s LashPure Cleanser will keep your lashes clean and healthy! It is an excellent eye makeup remover and gentle cleansing solution that will balance pH levels and prevent blepharitis. 

Those who have eyelash extensions should steer clear of oil-based cleansers. If you don’t have extensions, any cleanser is okay, but the LashPure Cleanser contains a little tea oil which will help if you’re prone to breakouts or simply have oilier eyelids. When cleansing, you should take the following steps.

  • Wash your face: Use a gentle cleanser to wash your entire face to remove all makeup and oils from the skin.
  • Use the LashPure Cleanser for your eyes: Even if your cleanser removes makeup, you may want to consider investing in a cleanser just for your eye makeup. This should be the second step in your makeup removal routine. Use a cotton swab or pad to remove makeup and other debris from the eye area.
  • Brush through the lashes: Use a small comb or spoolie to brush through the lashes. Make sure to be extra gentle when doing this step. 

Use a Serum

In recent years, eyelash serums have taken the beauty world by storm. There are many serums on the market that boast the ability to improve hair growth of both lashes and brows. Lash growth serum actually does work! Essentially, it lengthens the amount of time between shed cycles.

What happens is, your lashes simply don’t fall out as soon as they typically would, which means that they just keep growing. Of course, they will eventually fall out, but until then you are left with significantly longer lashes. 

Beyond simple serums that you can buy over the counter, there is also a prescription solution called Latisse (generic name bimatoprost), which is the only FDA approved lash growth prescription treatment. It may be worth talking to your doctor or dermatologist to see if this is right for you. 

Never Pull Your Lashes

An obvious solution to longer lashes is to avoid tugging or pulling at them. Tempting as it may be, playing around with your lashes can not only spread bacteria but can also cause premature shedding. 

Leave those lashes alone, and you’ll have a better chance of growing them out. Retaining the lashes you have is key to maintaining length.

What Should You Avoid While Growing Long Lashes?

In addition to resisting the temptation to pull at your lashes, there are some other things to avoid if you want to let your natural lashes grow long and strong. 

False Eyelashes

You might want to have the instant gratification of long eyelashes, but if you choose to use falsies, you may regret it. Falling asleep with strip lashes still glued on is risky for a number of reasons, one of which includes the glue clogging your lash follicles and preventing growth and risking infections. .

Even if you opt for the latest craze, magnetic lashes, you still may run into problems. Fake lashes that don’t stay in place very well increase the odds that you will want to pick at and mess around with the lashes. Not only that, but an inexperienced strip lash user could risk glueing the strip to their natural lashes which will only cause major regret when it comes time to remove them.

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers can really be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, curling your lashes can make them stand out and look longer, while also making the eyes look bigger. However, it’s easy to accidentally pull out lashes with an eyelash curler or pinch your eyelid if they’re too close!

Of course, if you have stick-straight lashes you may feel pretty married to your eyelash curler. If you absolutely must use one, use extreme care, and never ever use a curler after applying mascara, as this can increase your chances of pulling out the lashes. 

But remember, there is always an alternative! Lash lifts are an amazing, low-maintenance,  alternative and you won’t have to stress about your stubborn lashes losing their curl at the end of the day! 

Forgetting To Remove Makeup

Like most makeup, mascara is full of chemicals. Though it is safe to put on your lashes, it’s not great to leave it on all day and all night. 

There are so many reasons why you should take off your makeup at the end of the day, and the weakening and potential breakage of your lashes is just one of them. Waterproof mascara can be a little stubborn to remove, but a quality makeup remover should do the trick. 

What About Lash Extensions?

Another option that you may or may not have considered is eyelash extensions. There are many different kinds of extensions that might work for you, if you have short or straight lashes.  Though lash extensions sound intimidating to some, they are simple and relatively easy to maintain!

Extensions are different from their cheaper counterparts, false eyelashes that are glued on in a strip by the consumer. Professional lash extensions are applied by a professional, and individual synthetic fibers are painstakingly glued to each individual natural lash. 

If you can commit to the upkeep of getting the eyelashes filled every few weeks, lash extensions can be life-changing. With extensions, you wake up every morning with picture-perfect lashes. They can be a lasting solution for those who prioritize long, luscious lashes. 

Yet another option to consider is a lash lift. If you have lashes that have a bit of length but not much curl, lash lifts can help and require almost no upkeep whatsoever. The results fade naturally and never look awkward, which is a benefit that most people love! 

Get Your Lashes Growing Today

From serums to prescriptions to preventative tactics, long eyelashes are within your reach. And if you don’t find success with any of the methods shared here, lash extensions from Sugarlash PRO are a great option. 



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