Live Training is HERE

Live Training is HERE

Whether you’re a longtime #sugarlashsquad member or are new to High Lash Society, you’ll know that a lot of our lash community-building, industry inspo, and momentous news announcements can be found at our @sugarlashpro and @lashproacademy Instagram handles (now’s your chance to hit those follow buttons if you haven’t already!) And if you’ve been following us on social media the last few days, you probably noticed that we’ve been buzzing about one thing: LashPRO Academy’s Live Trainings!

So what is it? How does it work? And why is it so revolutionary in the lash world? We sat down with LashPRO Academy Director, Kim McIver, to get all the juicy details about this groundbreaking program.

So, first things first  what IS Live Training?

Live Training is an exceptionally innovative new way to advance your lash artistry skills. Basically, it allows students to get all the benefits of LashPRO Academy’s award-winning Online Courses (like self-paced learning, comprehensive modules, the chance to practice skills on your own time), and then attend a two-day face-to-face session with our LashPRO Academy Educators, who are industry leaders in lash artistry and entrepreneurship. The Educators will correct and refine your techniques to professional levels. Students get lifetime access to the Online Courses, so they can continue to access those modules and refresh their skills long after the hands-on session has finished.

How does LashPRO Academy’s Live Training differ from other training?

Actually, no other lash program in the world couples online and live training in this way. Our aim is to offer both tactile and self-paced education programs to elevate the way lash artists learn. By using a "blended learning" system, we’ll engage new lash artists as well as seasoned professionals, making the classes extremely cohesive. We have waited a LONG time to painstakingly develop, polish, and launch this revolutionary eyelash extension training!

Do you need to be a stylist, esthetician or skin therapist in order to enroll?

That’s a great question. In reality, every state, province, and country has its own rules about licensing. I can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research on the laws in your area and comply. You’re not on your own though! We can assist you in this process — just email

What are the prerequisites for Classic and Volume Collective?

The excellent aspect of these revolutionary classes is the fact that you’ll have access to (and will be working through) the Online Course material first, meaning that you can start as a beginner in either Classic Collective or Volume Collective — or both! You can jump right in!

Do you need to purchase your kit if you have your own supplies?

Yes, you will need an eyelash extension kit with your course. We want to make sure you have all the appropriate items for the in-class portion. The basic kit does come with the course and is very robust, or you can upgrade with a small fee to larger kits if desired. If you have specific tools that you love, like your favourite eyelash extension tweezers, please feel free to bring them to class!

In-class training usually means models are required. How many models do I need, and for how long?

You will need to arrange for one model to arrive on Day 2 of both the Classic and Volume Collective courses. The model will need to be there from 10am to 5pm, and will get to enjoy a light snack prior to lashing. Plus, your model gets an amazing set of lashes and a goody bag!

What happens if you’re doing Live Training in a different city from your own? How do I get a model?

You can post in local forums, like Kijiji, Facebook pages, or even on Instagram. At this time, LashPRO Academy does not provide models, so arranging one is your responsibility. If you need some help, our Brand Ambassadors around the world can help by posting to the local Sugarlash PRO group in and around your Live Training city.

We have a lot of Online Course students that already took the online portion of the course. Is there a difference in price for those students?

Yes, we fully understand that our many online students will be intrigued by Live Training, but may be wary of paying for the Online Course again. That’s why we’re offering a $300.00 discount off the program that you have taken. For example, if you have taken the Volume Online Course, you will receive $300 off Volume Collective Live Training. We will email you a discount code at the time of registration.

Can you detail everything that’s included in the $1795.00 for Classic or Volume Collective?

As I mentioned earlier, you will get access to our Online Course, as well as a practice kit and textbook to begin honing your lash skills and working through theory prior to the in-class portion.  At the 2-day Live Training with a LashPro Academy Educator, you’ll receive the basic kit. Upgraded kits are available, too! On top of that, you get a Sugarlash PRO swag bag, a goodie bag for your model, and all the certification calls needed to get Sugarlash PRO certification after the program.

What happens if a student has to cancel?

If you cancel prior to four weeks of Live Training, we will either transfer you to another course that works better for you or refund your money. After the four week deadline, we will simply transfer your course to another set of dates that works with your schedule.

How do you go from lash artist to Educator with Sugarlash PRO?

All of LashPRO Academy’s Educators are personally selected by Sugarlash PRO CEO, founder, and all-round lash guru, Courtney Buhler. We always encourage aspiring educators to complete their education with Sugarlash PRO, and begin tagging us on Instagram so we can see your beautiful work! We choose based on skill, social media savvy, and how much lash artists engage with our brand!

Can I host Live Training?

If you own, or know of, a space with room to train eight students, please email Not only would we love to hear from you, but our hosts get perks too! We offer one free Live Training course (a value of $1795) for a host in any of the cities we are scheduled to educate in. And if you don’t see your city on the schedule, please contact us anyways! As we grow and expand, we’ll be adding more areas to our list and are always excited to connect with great hosts.



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