Your 2017 LashPRO Artists of the Year

Your 2017 LashPRO Artists of the Year

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work for the 2017 Lash PRO Artist of the Year competition! We are amazed at the thought and creativity that this year's applicant's put into bringing "Her Story" to life. Thank you to all who inspired us with their characters, and a HUGE congratulations to our winners!



Samantha's life is like a circus constantly pulling at her strings. She lives in the light but it's still so dark.  She adds color to her life with Sugarlash purple haze 0.07 lashes in 7-13 mm with a pop of 0.07 gold lashes toward the outer corner. Lashes are applied 3D with eyelite clear adhesive. The costume has been gathered over time, her hat is from the 1930's and embellishments were added for an elegant look. The circus clown collar was hand made, jewels and trim were added to the dress and jacket for an extra flair. Parasol was hand painted by an artist in Copenhagen. Life is crazy, constantly growing and evolving into something new and different which is why we chose the circus theme. The circus has been around as long as we can remember, it has evolved from bearded ladies and circus freaks to rope climbers and acrobats. Yet it still has something enticing to it that draws you in and makes you want to sit back and watch the act. Life is the same, each day is a show. Some days are dark and some are exciting, either way we have to keep moving forward to the next act.

Technique - 3D Volume with Gold Lashes toward the outer corner.

Products Used - Purple Haze Lashes, Gold Lashes, Eyelight Clear Adhesive

Lash Artist - Natosha Minto @natosha.lash
Photography - Kimberly Coombs
Hair - Mychelle St John
Makeup - Lisa Stephens 



My Character portrays frailty, beauty and strength. My character depicts pieces of herself that have been exposed unfiltered and seen through hardship, physical failures and from being and wanting more. she is unabashed and unashamed of showing herself as she is. A mirror of what has gone wrong in the world, made vulnerable and broken from changes of life, she has grown as the person she now is. Each shard is a piece of her that tells a story and with each she glorifies it as her own. I wish to showcase beauty and strength in its element and as glass in whatever shape and form can be turned and made into something pure and beautiful regardless of where it came from.

She is life. She is you and me, with all the flaws and intricate elements that tell a story. A mirror tells the truth whether broken or seen whole.

Technique - Classic styling with lashes ranging from 10-13mm in length and .12- .15 in diameter. The lashes were styled with blue lashes from the outer to middle of lash line and then finished with black (10mm) to inner corners. Bottom lashes were affixed with blue and black extensions on each eye in a subtle display. Her eye makeup made bold to accentuate the color of her lashes. 

Products Used - C-Curl Mink Lashes and Blue Lashes

Lash/Makeup Artist - Joelle Ray Smith @elleirabeauty
Photography - Merrick Cousley Photography @mcousley
Model - Lisanne Hamilton 
Visual Director - Christoph Rathjen @Iam_axiom




She is the symbol of inspiration to women of 2017. She is inside each and every one of us, waiting to be unleashed. She is that voice in the back of our heads when we doubt ourselves, when we think it's impossible she whispers, “yes you can”. She is the fire burning inside of us, pushing, driving us to hit our limits. She is the yes girl, creative in her own way even when others doubt her. We Dare to Be Different because of her. She is beauty, but filled with power, She is us. She is our inner creative personality waiting to be showcased to the world with no fear. WE are all Modern Day Warriors, so what are you waiting for? Are you ready to let her out?

When I created my character I really wanted to connect to her, and connect others to her. I have been that person that hid in my box afraid to show the world that I am talented. That my work is on par with the rest of my fellow industry friends, I wanted to step outside of the box and enter this competition and light my fire. I didn’t think that my ideas would be any good or creative enough. So I let her out, my inner warrior. The more I thought of her the more I saw my confidence spark and I connected to her. I realized that she is really in each one of us…. We truly are all warriors. Thank you for looking at my piece of art,
I hope you enjoy. 


Technique - Russian Volume lashing technique and classic lashes with some stacking to show my range of technique. Russian Volume (.06/.07 and lengths 9-12mm c -curl) I used to create the density in the lashes for the feminine part of the lash look “fluffy and dense” I also used a few white and black throughout the set to create a Spiked look to show power in her eyes as if they were a weapon (mixed spikes with 0.15 13mm c-curl in black) I wanted to give her the “Fierce” cat eye look emphasizing the beautiful eye shape she has. I also used stacking on outer white lashes to bring the color out even more. (0.10 8mm)

Products used - C-curl Silk Lashes, White Lashes, Bottom Lashes

Lashes and Hair - Sadie Welder @LashionistaLashes
Makeup - Samantha Carter @samieecarter 
Photographer - Jen Morrison

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