Hybrid Lashes: Everything You Need To Know

Hybrid Lashes: Everything You Need To Know

You could very well be reading this and have absolutely no idea what hybrid lashes are. Not to worry, we are here to help! Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic eyelash extensions with a 1:1 ratio of one extension to one natural lash. This is mixed with volume lashing, which is a 2-6:1 ratio of two to six extensions to one natural lash.

This wispy, textured lash extension set is born from two kinds of techniques: classic lash extensions (1 extension per lash) and volume (multiple extensions per lash). Hybrid lashes take the best of both worlds to create a fluffy, yet structured look that can last up to eight weeks.

The classic one-on-one technique is typically used for extending the lashes, whereas hybrid lashes also use the fanning technique of the volume extension method to create a fluffy textured lash set.

The fanning technique, or ‘fans’ in volume lashing, is created by bonding together two to eight lash extensions onto one natural lash. This specific technique creates depth and volume and can be customized depending on how full your clients would like their lashes to look. Volume lashing uses the thinnest diameter extensions to replicate the same weight as a thicker, classic lash extension, but dispersed over multiple extensions in one fan. 

After the client decides how full they want their lashes to be, we will use a mix of both classic lashes (one extension to each natural lash) and volume lashes (two to six lash extensions onto each natural lash) to customize the density. 

Classic lashes provide definition and impact and volume lashes provide the fluff.  The end result creates this wispy lash look that is custom-made for your natural lashes.

If all of this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Sugarlash PRO has everything you need to know in order to fully understand how to maintain Hybrid lashes. 

Are Hybrid Lashes Safer To Use Than Regular Lash Extensions?

Just like any kind of lash extension, if you are a professional or go and see a professional, there will not be any long-term damage to your natural lashes. Hybrid lashes that are put on by a certified professional artist will not cause any damage to your natural lashes. These lash technicians have been trained at an expert level to put your lash health first. 

Always take into consideration that your client’s natural lashes have their own unique length, thickness, and condition. As a lash technician, you will create a custom treatment that is unique to your client’s natural lashes and what they want them to look like with the extensions. 

Here at Sugarlash PRO, we create the best kinds of products that keep lash health in mind. 

Certified lash technicians should always adhere to the weight-for-weight lash guidelines. This makes sure that your client’s extensions will not weigh down their natural lashes. If your client wants to take extra precautions, then there are aftercare steps that they can do at home.  

Why Should You Try Hybrid Lashes?

Each and every lash extension has its own benefits. Like we said before, hybrid lashes give you the best of both worlds. They are an ideal combination of classic and volume lashes. This combination is unlike any other lash technique you have seen before. 

Your client’s natural lashes are actively working with the lash extensions to create both the classic impact of thicker 1:1 extension application, combined with the fluffy effect of volume using multiple thinner extensions per lash.

This specific kind of lash technique gives you the full creative freedom to try out any new and innovative lash extension skills. Obviously, you can choose how you want the final look to be, but chances are you will not be disappointed! Hybrid lashes make sure the end result is classic and glamorous. 


If your client is unsure of what to do after getting regular hybrid lashes, here is some information you can give them: 

  • Using Sugarlash PRO’s system they do not need to wait to get them wet as we force cure the lashes. 
  • Use mascara that is water-based. However, make sure you only apply it to the tips of your lashes. Also, remember that you do not technically need it and it can shorten the life of the lash extensions. 
  • If you decide to wear eyeliner, the best ones to use are eyeliners with a felt tip or gel. Try and avoid pencil eyeliners because they tend to be a bit more on the oily side. We know that oil is a no when it comes to lash extensions because of how easily it can clog between the lashes.
  • Never use a lash curler because it will only break the eyelashes or crease them. However, if you feel like you have to, use heated eyelash curlers. 
  • Do not rub the eyelash extensions while washing your face. This is a common mistake but is easily avoidable if you cleanse your extensions using an eyeshadow brush and lash cleanser, and gently pat dry after rinsing.
  • Do not pull on your eyelashes. Regardless of the lash extension technique you use, this is a huge no! The bond on the extensions is so strong that it will pull out your natural eyelashes along with the new ones. 

FAQs: Hybrid Lashes

We know you probably have endless questions about hybrid lashes. Because of that, we have put together some quick and easy answers to the most common questions surrounding the hybrid lash technique. 

How Long Does a Hybrid Lash Treatment Take? 

Hybrid Lashes can take anywhere from 90 minutes to two or three hours. However, if you are just doing a hybrid fill, it can be done in about an hour. 

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Last?

The easy answer is that hybrid lash extensions can last up to eight weeks. If you want to get into the technical side of things, they could potentially last even longer. If the client gets regular fills every two or three weeks, this will increase the hybrid lash life to push past eight weeks. 

Can You Still Wear Makeup With Hybrid Lashes? 

Yes, you can still wear make-up with Hybrid lash extensions. However, it’s important to avoid mascara. This will usually cause the fans to close and ruin the lash extensions. Makeup products such as foundations or powders can be used as normal, but avoid using products with a lot of oil around the eye area. This includes makeup remover that is oil-based or eye cream. 

Can You Get Hybrid Lashes Wet?

With normal hybrid lashes, the answer is no for the first 24 hours after treatment. It’s also a no to steam rooms and saunas for the first 48 hours after treatment. However, with Sugarlash PRO, the lashes are set and cured during the appointment. This means you have nothing to worry about and can get the lashes wet right away. 

How Do You Take Care of Hybrid Lashes?

It is always so important to keep your lashes looking their best. That is why it is crucial to follow the correct aftercare. Typically, we recommend using a foaming cleanser regularly. This helps to thoroughly clean them and improve retention rates for the lash extensions. Remember CCE: Cleanse, Condition, and Enhance the lashes!

You can always head to our LashPRO Journal for more information on how to look after your lash extensions. 

Hybrid Lashes for the Win

There are a variety of reasons as to why you should try out hybrid lashes. If your clients have naturally full lashes, or even if they have the opposite, this technique can and will work for them! The mix of these two classic techniques will leave them with a look that will leave you both in awe!


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