How to Make Money Doing Eyelash Extensions

How to Make Money Doing Eyelash Extensions

If you have an affinity for long, luxurious eyelash extensions, and want to share this passion with others, you may want to consider doing eyelash extensions for a living. Although it may seem like a small niche, you’d be surprised at the number of clients out there who need this service. Read today’s blog to discover how you can make money doing eyelash extensions for clients!

Get the Right Education

Like with any job, lash artists need quality training. With the right education, you’ll learn how to create your own brand, operate a business, and, of course, provide clients with top-quality eyelash extensions. At LashPRO Academy, we offer both salon and private training sessions, as well as complete online courses for volume lashing, classic lashing, and lash lifting. With the proper skills, you’ll be getting new clients right, left, and centre.

Ask for Feedback

The easiest way to succeed as a lash artist is through communication and conversation with clients. Asking for feedback about what worked, what didn’t work, and what could be improved can dramatically improve your process and work habits; in the end, it is valuable information that will help you grow your business. The bottom line is this: you must be open-minded.

Book Future Appointments

After a long day at work, and a lash extension procedure, it’s easy for clients to forget about booking follow-up appointments. Before they leave the salon, ensure you encourage them to book their next session, and provide your business card in case they have any questions about the procedure. They’ll appreciate the effort and be happy to book with you again.

Buy in Bulk

Many lash salons offer products like lash adhesive, primer, kits, and tweezers at a discounted rate in bulk. Purchasing products in bulk can save you copious amounts of money, and offer your clients a wider selection. At Sugarlash PRO, we offer discounted rates on bulk orders of Lash Pure Cleanser, and brushes.

Educate Your Clients

Natural-looking and long-lasting lashes require effort and care from both you and the client. To ensure the lashes last, it’s crucial you educate the client on proper maintenance. The lashes will stay fuller, longer, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Explaining how the application process works, and providing the client with general knowledge about lash extensions also shows that you care, and have their best interests in mind.

Making a career out of lash artistry is creative, rewarding, and profitable—if done properly. With the right education, a healthy attitude, and a business-oriented mindset, you’ll be making a profit in no time. Shop for lashes, liquids, and more, or get in touch with our staff at SugarlashPRO. We look forward to hearing from you!

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