How To Fill in Eyebrows

How To Fill in Eyebrows

There’s nothing like a pair of perfectly groomed brows to make a person look more put together, and complete a makeup look. For those of us who weren’t born with perfect thick brows, we will share some of the top tips for filling them in to achieve the look you want. 

Why Do People Fill in Their Brows?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to fill in their brows. Historically, eyebrows haven’t always been as important as they are today, at least not in the way they are now. Eyebrow trends come and go, and many of us would rather forget the thin, penciled-in brows of the ’90s. 

The current idea of the perfect brow shape is a more natural look for some or a thicker look for others. A well-groomed brow shapes the face and gives it a more natural appearance. Not everyone, however, is born with thick, gorgeous brows. Some of us have thin or sparse brows and are constantly on the lookout for techniques to thicken them.

In this case, it is necessary to do the work ourselves, and get busy with our eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels! 

What Tools Do I Need?

The tools you will use for your personal eyebrow grooming will depend on your brow goals. For the most part, though, there are some tried and true pieces of equipment that you will want to make a part of your everyday brow routine. 

Powder, Pencil, or Gel

One thing you will certainly need is a method to color in the brows. The three main options are a powder, a pencil, or a gel.

  • Powder: Many people enjoy the look of brow powder because it has a natural appearance and is fairly easy to use. There are powders designed specifically for brows, but some people even use eyeshadow, which is great if you’re on a budget. Simply run the eyeshadow through your brows, then smooth the makeup out with a spoolie brush. Make sure to use a matte shadow for this look. 

  • Pencil: The brow pencil is probably the most common and well-known method for filling in brows. There are so many varieties of pencils of all different materials. Some are softer and more blendable than others. Many eyebrow pencils will include a spoolie on one end for ease of blending, which is super convenient. 

  • Gel: Eyebrow gels are becoming more popular. They either come in a pot or sometimes in pencil form. Gels are versatile and blendable and give a dramatic look. 

A Stiff Angled Brush

Depending on what medium you choose for filling in brows, you may want to invest in a high-quality, stiff-angled brush. 

You can use a brush to apply gel or powder. If you are using a pencil, you may also want a stiff brush to help with the blending process, and to shape the brows. 

Should I Use Powder, a Pencil, or Gel?

The question of whether to use a powder, pencil, or gel really depends on the desired look and the level of comfort you have with applying the product.

Powder is great for beginners. It gives a soft look, but one that is easily blended and versatile. If you’ve never filled in your brows before, powder is a good place to start. 

Pencils will provide a defined look, and though they are the most common, they can also require a bit of expertise. It is really easy to over-apply when using a pencil, and it’s important to take your time when using a pencil. 

It’s also important to note that pencils can come in so many different formulas, some creamier, some drier. It may take some trial and error to find a pencil that you like, and then even more trial and error to work through learning how to apply it.

Brow gel works like a hairspray for the brows, so it’s good for those who are looking to control unruly brows and keep them in place. Some gels are tinted and some are clear. It’s definitely a great option to use a brow gel in conjunction with a pencil or powder if you’re looking for extra control. 

What Color Should I Use?

When it comes to color, choosing the right one is of the utmost importance. You want your brows to look natural, so if the color is off, it will be a dead giveaway. Here’s how to choose the right color for your hair shade!

Try to match your brow makeup to your eye color, skin tone, and hair. It’s optimal to stay within two shades of your hair color as a good rule of thumb. 

It isn't necessary to match the colors exactly as long as they are complementing. In fact, matching your colors too closely can occasionally spoil your appearance. If you have blonde hair, for example, matching the blonde in your brows might make you look washed out. 

Instead, choose a few shades darker or even a hue that matches your base. It will also help if you are familiar with your skin. When choosing a brow shade, try warmer shades if you have pink undertones.


If you have very light blonde hair, you will certainly want to go darker for your brows! Think about selecting a dirty blonde, taupe, or even a very light brown shade. Again, it doesn’t have to be a perfect match. You probably want to go darker. 


For brunettes, brown shades can be tricky because there are simply so many variations. When it comes to selecting the proper brown shade, think back to the temperature of your skin tone. If you tend to choose warmer makeup colors for your foundation, do the same for your brows. If you’re going for more pinks in your foundation, choose cooler browns for your brows. 

Reddish Brown

Those with auburn or reddish-brown hair should air on the side of a darker brown when choosing a brow shade. Opting for something that is too red, or a lighter shade, can make the brows stand out, but in a negative way. 


Black hair might seem like it would be the easiest to match, but this is actually not true. If you choose a TRUE black, it can make the brows seem way overdone. It’s best to choose a very dark brown for the brows. 

How Do I Shape My Brows?

For shaping the brows, there are several options. Those who choose to shape their own brows are most commonly investing in a quality tweezer. Other options include using a small razor designed for the brows, or at-home wax kits. 

If you have the means, you may choose to see a professional for threading or waxing, but it’s not necessary. When shaping your brows you want to follow the natural arch, cleaning up around the outside edges first. Tweeze stray hairs to achieve the shape and cleanliness you want.

It’s good to have a general idea of the shape you are going for before you start plucking away. Most people choose to simply adjust and clean up their natural brow shape.  

How Do I Fill in My Eyebrows?

You already know the three main types of eyebrow makeup, so let’s get into specifics of how to apply them and fill in those sparse areas. 


Powder is probably the easiest to apply. Powder is the most controllable, making it excellent for brow grooming beginners. To avoid fallout, lightly tap the end of a brush after dipping it in powder to remove any extra product. Then, simply blend, blend, blend! 


Make light, feathery strokes beside and over your natural brows with an eyebrow pencil mimicking the pattern of your hairs. To achieve the ideal shape, begin at the region of your brow closest to your nose and work your way out to the tip. 

Don't rush through this, and use a light hand to start. It's important to remember that the more short strokes you use, the thicker your brows will appear.


Brow gel can come in a tube with a spoolie, or in a pot. Either way,  you will want to use the spoolie or another brush of your choice to direct the brow hair where you want it to go. It’s a good idea to start by combing the brows up towards the forehead first, then shape them from there. 

Fill Those Brows

When it comes to your eyebrows, there are a lot of choices for filling them in. Whether you choose powder, gel, or pencil, thick eyebrows can make you look more youthful, more awake, and generally more put together. 



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