How the Pros Overcame their BIGGEST Challenges in Lashing & Business

How the Pros Overcame their BIGGEST Challenges in Lashing & Business

From learning new lash extension techniques to learning how to space out clients to saying NO to industry drama, we talked to four different lash artists and entrepreneurs about the lash lessons they learned.

Meghan Beck | Owner/Operator of Refined Artistry & LashPRO Educator

“At the beginning, my biggest challenge was overbooking. I had a really difficult time saying no to clients, but I was definitely beginning to get stretched pretty thin. It’s so important to set boundaries  — then STICK to them. Have hard and fast rules around the days and hours you’re willing to work. Make sure that’s reinforced on your website and social media. And if necessary, remind your clients that you have designated lash hours. I put out emails letting my clients know that I wouldn’t see them outside my designated hours — and it’s made all the difference in the world.”

Crystal Harvey | Owner/Operator of Scotia Lash Inc. & LashPRO Educator

“It’s tough to achieve a healthy work/life balance as a lash artist. There are typically never any slow times during the year, and clients love you and need you, so you feel like you should always be there for them. But if you don’t take the time to step away, you’ll burn out FAST. My advice? If you’re a morning person, book yourself back-to-back at the top of your day, then give yourself time between clients in the afternoon and evening. Squeeze clients in at times you are most alert and energetic, but make sure the rest are spaced out. When you’re new, it’s tempting to fit in as many people as possible — but that’s when things can get rushed and sloppy too. Be honest with yourself about your skills, and realize that it’s good to slow things down a bit, give  a little extra time to each client, and take some time to breathe in between.”

Sadie Welder | Owner/Operator of Lashionista Lashes & LashPRO Educator

“It’s easy to get caught up in the lash social life and industry, and before long, you’re suddenly trying to be like someone else. It even happens to advanced lash artists. Stay true to YOURSELF  — your style, your skills, your vibe. I always see emerging lash techs trying to emulate the next big artist rather than being themselves. And frankly, it’s not always conscious — when you’re surrounded by images and videos of others’ work, we sometimes subconsciously begin modelling our own work after that. I try to keep my creative juices flowing by limiting how much time I scroll through social media. I also tend to keep to myself in the industry — it’s always great to connect with other lash artists and business owners, but make sure you do so in a way that you’re not giving up who you are and your unique vision.”

Courtney Buhler | CEO and founder of Sugarlash PRO™ and LashPRO Academy

“The biggest challenge in my career as a lash artist, as well as later when I was building  Sugarlash PRO™, was learning to be bold enough to overcome people’s opinions. Whenever I tread new ground in my career, it always ruffled feathers from within the industry. People fear the unknown, and for many, change is scary. But unlike them, I thrive on doing things DiFFERENTLY — on pushing boundaries and setting the bar higher everyday. When I stopped listening to the naysayers, I was free to spread my creative wings. And only good things have happened because of it!”

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