High Profile — Meghan Beck

High Profile — Meghan Beck

This month, we had a chance to speak to LashPRO Educator — and all-round lash legend — @meghanbeck.slpro about a career that gives her the independence to structure her business — and her life — exactly the way she wants to. With five years in the lash industry under her belt, Meghan has been able to take every one of Sugarlash PRO’s courses and turn around to help develop new ones — all in the name of building an industry stacked with “badass bosses.”

How did you first get into lashing?

I actually started off by working for a lash company — but not doing lashes at all! (laughs) I did social media for them, and through it I came to know all about lash artistry. I fell in love with the complexity and creativity of it all. Eventually, my position was eliminated, so instead of finding another marketing job, I decided to learn lashing for real and start a totally new career. Now I manage a pretty extensive client list in both Las Vegas and L.A.

How did you get introduced to Sugarlash PRO?

I worked at a lash studio alongside someone who regularly used Sugarlash PRO products. I really liked the packaging and the branding — and was pretty pleased when the quality held up too! As I gained more lashing expertise, I posted pictures on social media, tagging the company’s products in my work. [Sugarlash PRO CEO & founder] Court Buhler reached out to me after seeing my lash pictures, and I guess you could say the rest is history!

And now you’re a LashPRO Educator! How would you describe your education philosophy?

I’m definitely more of a hands-on educator. I truly believe you learn so much from actually seeing someone physically show you how to hold tweezers, create a fan, apply adhesive. But even more than that, I believe in lifelong learning. With new techniques constantly being developed in this industry, you can’t learn everything at once and one course certainly isn’t going to give you everything you know. It’s something I try to tell industry newbies all the time — you need to continuously take advanced courses to be the best lash artist you can be.

Where do you find lash inspiration?

I get a lot of my inspo from the amazing work of other lash artists I see on Instagram and Pinterest. I do all kinds of lash sets and styles (mega volume included!), but I have a very classic clientele, and natural lashes is what I gravitate more to. I love the sets that keep me guessing.

What’s one thing people would find most surprising thing about you?

I know I come across really quiet and reserved — but I’m actually super goofy! [laughs] My fun side comes out a lot more when I’m with family and friends, of course, but it also totally shows up in the classroom. I’m professional, but I think students like to see the goofy side too — classes are always better when everyone’s clearly enjoying themselves!

Other than lashing, what is your passion and how do you make the time for it?

I love to work out a lot, I LOVE travelling (just came back from the Philippines!), and I love to eat out and try new restaurants. For all these things, but especially when it comes to travel, I find it really, really important to make weekly and monthly schedules — then stick to them. Lashing involves catering to other people a LOT, and while it’s wonderful to feel needed and wanted by your clients, it’s also really important to have boundaries on the times of days and year that you work, and communicate them clearly. So basically, the key to work/life balance is scheduling.
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