What Are Henna Eyebrows?

What Are Henna Eyebrows?

If there’s one beauty topic that is just as relevant as eyelashes and eyelash extensions, it is brows. Perfectly groomed eyebrows are the latest trend, and people are going about achieving those brows in different ways.

One method for flawless brows that you may not be aware of is the henna eyebrow. 

We will get you up to date on one of the most popular and contemporary approaches to beautifully crafted brows and explain the ins and outs of the process.

The Nitty Gritty of Henna

You have probably heard of henna before, and you may have an image in your head of traditional henna tattoos. In the past decade or so, henna has been slowly making its way into Western consciousness.

Although henna is a relatively new concept for many people in the world, for others it is an art form that has been around for centuries. With origins in South Asia, India, North Africa, and the Middle East, henna has been used as a means for temporary tattoos, mostly for women, for a very long time.

Henna tattoos bear an important cultural significance as well. These tattoos are an integral part of weddings for some cultures.

Henna itself is essentially a dye for the skin, so it is not actually a tattoo in the way that many of us think of tattoos. Henna is more like a stain that must be left on the skin for a prolonged period of time in order to set. There are some great benefits to henna, including:

  • The process is completely painless.
  • Henna is very accessible.
  • Because it is temporary, it gives the wearer a chance to change up their look, whether in the form of henna tattoo designs or even brows.
  • Henna is all-natural and organic, which appeals to many health and environment-conscious consumers. 

How Do Henna Brows Work?

With henna, it is possible to temporarily tint your brows in a natural way. Imagine the freedom of not having to shape and pencil your brows in every morning. This sort of process is super appealing to our clients, many of whom are very busy people. 

The henna brow process is completely painless and is also fairly quick and easy (around 30 minutes total) compared to some other beauty treatments. Technically, henna is considered a semi-permanent process, so although it is fairly long-lasting, the results will fade over time.

The process itself is true artistry! The brow tech will start by waxing and tweezing brows into the desired shape, and then choose which henna shade will work best for the client’s hair and skin tone.  

It’s important to note that when it comes to brow tinting, henna shades have been adjusted to fit all shades of hair color, so you have many options besides the traditional reddish-brown that is common in traditional henna tattoos.

Henna is actually a powder, so once the perfect brow shape is achieved, that powder is mixed with activator to form a paste. The brow artist will apply some sort of barrier cream to any area near the brows that they do not want to get dye on. The henna paste is then carefully applied to the brows, where it stays for 10-15 minutes until the dye has had time to work its magic!

When the dye is removed, it has tinted the brows and the skin beneath the brows for a full and luxurious look.

All Brow Tints Are Not Created Equal

Henna dye is not the only type of brow tint on the market, and it is vastly different from a typical brow tint. The biggest difference is that while a traditional brow tint only dyes the hair, henna dyes both the hair AND the skin. This makes it ideal for clients with very sparse brows who want a fuller look.

Henna is also vegan-friendly and all-natural, and the same cannot be said about all brow tints. 

Brow tints tend to have a slight sheen, while henna offers more of a matte finish. This is obviously a personal preference and will depend on the individual client and their needs. 

Either a henna brow tint or a traditional brow tint would be a great choice, but the henna is especially flattering for those who have accidentally overplucked their brows or those who have brows that are naturally few and far between. 

Both the cost and duration of henna and traditional lash tints are similar. A henna brow will start around $35, while a lash tint is just slightly more competitive, starting around $30. Both treatments will last for two to four weeks, but it is important to remember that they offer completely different looks.  

What To Expect After a Henna Brow Tint

Clients who go through the eyebrow tint process, in general, might be a little shocked at their appearance in the first hours after the work is completed.  Let’s just say that the initial result will be quite dark. Perhaps concerningly so.

However, within a day or so of the henna treatment, the color will relax a bit and the brows will look absolutely gorgeous!

The beauty of a henna treatment is that there is zero recovery time, the way that there is with a process like microblading. Once the dye has been removed, the client is left with beautiful brows and they can immediately get on with their lives. This is another benefit of the henna brow process that really appeals to clients.

How Long Do Henna Brows Last, and What Is the Maintenance Like?

How long do they last? This largely depends on skin type. Those with drier skin tend to hang onto the results of a henna application longer than those with oily skin. With that said, the results can last anywhere from two to four weeks. 

Maintenance for henna brows is a piece of cake! If anything, it’s more important to focus on NOT doing anything to them than actually doing something. The best way to keep those brows in tip-top shape is to avoid overwashing and rubbing, similar to lash aftercare.

The lack of upkeep required for henna brows is a major part of the appeal for clients. Pair that with the ease and a short appointment time, and it is the perfect process for busy people who want beautiful full brows, but perhaps not the permanence or cost of microblading. 

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Henna Brows?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware of the microblading trend. It seems like everyone has been hopping on the microblading bandwagon lately. So what is the difference between a brow tint such as henna and a process like microblading?

Most importantly, microblading is semi-permanent and lasts for a few years before skin turnover makes them fade out. Essentially, it is cosmetic tattooing. This is great for some people who know exactly what they want in their eyebrows and know that they will want it long term with minor touch ups every couple of years.

Microblading provides a precise result and allows the brow artist to create fine lines on the brows that work together to give the appearance of hair. Contrary to popular belief, the tiny needles that do this work don’t actually penetrate deep into the skin; rather, they scratch the surface and deposit color into the top layer of the skin.

For some, that level of commitment is just a little too much. There are those who don’t want a permanent result, or perhaps are a little squeamish when it comes to needles. For those people, microblading isn’t a good fit, but a tint or dye like henna could be.

Is Henna a Good Product To Offer Your Clients?

If you are working on building your own lash business, you may be thinking about expanding to include brow services. Perhaps you already offer some brow services but want to broaden your client base and extend more options to your current clientele. Is henna a good choice for you? Well, there are some factors that make it an excellent product to offer to your clients:

  • Henna is a natural alternative to conventional para dyes, so you may be able to attract a whole new client base that you haven’t been able to reach in the past.
  • The look is unique. Henna provides a fabulous powdered tattoo effect, which looks vastly different from the small strokes of microblading or the dyed brow hair of other tints.
  • It’s fairly easy to master! If you’re used to applying full sets of customized lashes, doing a henna brow job will feel like a walk in the park.
  • It’s a quick service item. Since the average appointment time is approximately 30 minutes, you will be able to have a fast turnover of henna appointments and clients will be able to squeeze their way in on their lunch breaks.
  • It has a low overhead. All you really need to get started with henna brow is the brow powder itself, brushes to apply the product, distilled water for mixing, and barrier cream. 

In Conclusion

Though henna has been around for centuries, only recently have people been starting to play with the art form for beauty treatments like the eyebrows. Henna is a low-cost, high-reward treatment for both the business owner and the consumer and is gaining popularity for its alluring look. It’s definitely worth a try!

**please note: Brow Henna is not yet approved by Health Canada**


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