Handling Client Consultations with Educator Mandy Beach

Handling Client Consultations with Educator Mandy Beach

“I really want a cat-eye style,” said every client...EVER! 

It's more likely than not that you've heard this statement uttered at the beginning of a client consultation. Then you assess your client’s eyes and realize that a cat eye is not the right look for them.

Now you have to break the news that what your client wants is not what's best for them or their lashes - this is not such an easy task. Our job as lash artists is to give our clients their dream lashes, but this should never be done at the expense of the clients natural lashes or facial features. 

Education and experience is your best friend when consulting with a client. Knowing what lash styles will suit which features, what lengths and diameters your client’s natural lashes can handle, and when to say no, is KEY.

After your client has filled out their consultation and waiver forms and you’ve assessed their lashes, it’s time to come up with a plan to achieve the best set of lash extensions for your client. It’s important that you communicate with your client through every step and decision being made and follow up with an explanation. Educating and working with your clients is extremely important. Not only will this help them feel valued and heard but it also covers everything on your end. For example, if your client is asking for a length of lash that isn’t attainable, make sure you clearly explain why. Your client will likely be more understanding when knowing the reason why and that you're putting their eye and lash health above all else.

The last thing any artist wants is a post-appointment message from a disappointed client. Managing expectations is a key part to any successful appointment and ensuring that you have happy clients, returning for their fill appointments. 

Once you’ve wrapped up your consultation, it's time to bring your lash plan to life. Mapping out the set on an eye pad is the best and most efficient way to stay organized, consistent, and create beautiful lash sets for your clients. Keeping a client record is vital. Make sure you document everything discussed with your client and why, including the lash map, curls, diameters and lengths used. This way you can be prepared for when your client returns for their fill appointments, or you have a record of what you did previously and you can evolve the lash set as required.

I recommend using pre-printed client records and waiver forms to stay organized and work efficiently. You can either create these forms on your own - Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration, or purchase templates from websites such as Etsy. You’ll want to ensure that you collect all of your clients information for book-keeping and in cases of an emergency. 

Always remember these key points and you're sure to have a successful client consultation!



Until next time, 

Sugarlash PRO Educator Mandy Beach 

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