It’s Spooky Season, witches!

In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl  (or, rather, our) World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl (or anyone else) can... have as much creative freedom with her makeup, and no one can say anything about it. Or something like that.


Normally, lash artists would discourage too much makeup around your delicate lash extensions, but Halloween gets an exception. Just remember to thoroughly, yet gently, cleanse your eye makeup off at the end of your Halloween festivities using our specially formulated lash cleansers. No one needs to know that you had rhinestones and glitter all over! 

Now, let’s get into the looks for Halloween 2021 you definitely need to try!


Cruella De Ville 

She’s the hottest villainess of the season! With Disney’s recent release of “Cruella”, Emma Stone’s portrayal of the spot-crazed designer is truly inspiring! All you need is the right wig, a (faux) fur coat - if it’s spotted even better - and a cigarette holder with your most glam outfit and some iconic red gloves.

As for your makeup, Cruella is bold and glam. Use dark shadows to create a positively dark and dangerous smokey eye paired with a bold lip and severe cheek bones. Seriously, don’t be shy with your contour. Whether you’re emulating Emma Stone’s Cruella or Glenn Close’s, both ladies are giving us glam meets evil! 

For your lashes, we recommend going for a Mega Volume set with our faux mink PLUSH lashes! Unlike Cruella, we like to stay away from using real mink to replicate the perfect fluffy lash look. Cruella is a classic villainess but she is anything but natural when it comes to fashion! Be bold and go the extra step! Cruella certainly did. 


Kim Possible/Shego  

Here’s the sitch: If you’re strapped for a costume, here’s something quick and easy that you likely already own! Grab your favourite cropped black long sleeve, olive green pants, and some combat boots. Add a nude/mauve lip colour to your top lip and you’re set to party as everyone’s favourite teenage spy! 

Looking for something a little bolder? Throw on some black leggings, your favourite heels, and neon green top! To replicate Shego’s iconic bodysuit pattern, you can either get crafty with some fabric and either a sewing machine or fabric glue for the leggings. Throw on a pair of green and black gloves with a bold, black lip colour on your top lip with some dark dramatic brows and pale foundation to complete your Shego look!

For Kim Possible, her makeup is light, go for anything from a Classic set using  our matte FLAT lashes to a Volume set to emulate that doll-eyed youthful look. Shego is a bold and sassy villainess, so for her lash look, we’d say definitely a Kitten eye volume lash style would compliment your look!  


Rocky Horror Picture

Grab your pals and get ready to time warp! This is a fun and versatile group costume from everyone’s favourite pop culture flick! Hit up your local thrift store for everything you need to portray your inner Dr. Frank N. Furter. 

The makeup looks for this costume vary, but they are all dramatic and bold! You can also take this anyway you like whether it’s glam or gore! 

Rocky Horror is all about embracing who you are and your truest self, so go for that mega volume lash set of your dreams! For that extra drama, use our silky RUNWAY lashes and be as bold and fearless as Dr. Frank N. Furter! Embrace your inner Drama Queen, or King, and pull up your fishnets because this Halloween costume is sure to garner compliments wherever you celebrate this year.



The people have spoken, and it’s looking like fairies are THE costume of the season! This is a fun versatile costume that you can take any way you want and customize it to flatter your style. Not only that but this is a pretty cheap and easy costume to DIY if we’re boujee on a budget.

All you need is either an iridescent dress or a corset top and fluffy skirt in the colour of your choice. For the wings there’s lots of cheap and easy DIY tutorials out there to achieve the fairy-like wings we’ve always wanted. If DIY isn’t your thing, luckily fairy wings are easy to find at your local Halloween store. 

Makeup for this look is all about the glitter! Pick up a pack of some faux gems and break out the lash glue to create the perfect iridescent fairy look. Lashes for this could be anything you want! If you’re a “good” fairy, we recommend going for an open doll eyed effect with a volume set. For our “bad” fairies out there, opt for that perfect volume set with a sultry kitten eye with an L or M curl in our RUNWAY mixed tray lashes.


Y2K Britney

Don’t be basic this year by going as “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” or “Oops I did it again” Britney. Britney has so many iconic looks that range from easy to difficult to recreate. With the recent spotlight on her conservatorship, we personally would love to see Y2K Britney brought back and celebrated! 

Hit up your local thrift store for the perfect low rise flare pants (hot pink or metallic would be perfect; bonus points if they lace up rather than button up) and a cropped tank that screams early 2000s. Heat up your triple barrel and get the frosty gloss and metallic shadows, and you have the perfect Y2K aesthetic. 

Have a partner? We’re just saying that all denim moment from 2001 was ICONIC.

Lash extensions weren’t as big in the early 00s, however clumpy lashes were not a moment we’re looking to bring back! Opt for either a lash lift and glaze to keep those lashes natural and healthy, with the extra boost of keratin that glaze provides, or a doll eyed classic set to emulate Brit’s baby doll eyes.

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