Can you apply falsies over lash extensions?

Can you apply falsies over lash extensions?

As a safe and sustainable lash service, lash extensions have converted many falsie-wearers to the good news of everlasting fullness—well, as long as they get their fills. Not only do lash extensions offer the length, density, and variety of strip lashes, but when applied properly, they cause no damage to the natural lash line.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard. And sometimes—even with your lashes clothed in a set of gorgeous classics—your falsies tempt you with the promise of a bangin’ night out, for old-time’s sake. So we put it to the test. To see if classic lashes can handle a little competition, Calvin Arnold of The Vaulte, applied strip lashes over my classic lash extensions. And this is what happened.

The application went seamlessly—Calvin is a professional after all. If I had been applying my own strip lashes I would have likely poked myself in the eye and thrown this post in the trash. (Thankfully, I have both my corneas, and 600 words to boot.) According to Calvin, who has applied strip lashes over lash extensions before, the key to applying falsies over lash extensions is not using too much adhesive. “If you use too much glue, it can seep into the lashes,” he says. So use a small amount, and get the strip as close to the lash line as possible without touching the natural and extended lashes. Use a smudgey, extension-safe liner to fill in the gap and camouflage the strip, and brush the extensions and falsies together to complete the application.

Now, the removal. This went a little less seamlessly, though about as good as could be hoped for with a falsie application that looked that flawless.

I lost two natural lashes.

Alert the press.

I know, I know, two lashes is nothing—chances are I would’ve lost them in the next day or two anyway. But, if you were thinking about applying falsies regularly, losing those two lashes each time you remove the strips should be enough to deter you.

In LashPRO Journal 03, celebrity makeup artist Jenna Nicole talks about how wearing falsies every day—and more importantly, taking them off every day—caused her natural lashes to fall out. And particularly when you’ve spent time, money, and energy keeping your set flawless between fills, putting your extensions—not to mention your natural lashes—at risk probably isn’t something you want to do too regularly.

Personally, losing those two lashes was enough for me. I want to keep my natural lashes in as good health as possible (and I want to keep them all). Plus classic lashes already give me double the fullness, eliminate the need for mascara and curlers, and extra length. So if you do turn to falsies for the occasional event or evening out, you won’t be ostracized—and your lashes will probably be OK. But keep your relationship with strips casual, and definitely don’t use them more than once per fill.

Let me know how it goes. For now, I’ll just be over here applying growth serum and eating vitamins.

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