Should You Wear an Eyelash Sleep Mask?

Should You Wear an Eyelash Sleep Mask?

It’s six o’clock on a Monday morning. You have just rolled over to check the time, only to realize you have a couple more hours until you have to get out of bed. As you try to fall back asleep, the sunlight streaming through your curtains is way too bright for you to fall back asleep. Cue the sleep mask. But wait—you just got your lash extensions refilled yesterday. What do you do? 

This is a very valid concern when it comes to lash extension care. However, ‘correct’ lash care does not necessarily mean that you have to avoid a sleep mask when you have lash extensions in. There are always best practices in regards to taking care of and maintaining your lashes. You can apply all the serum in the world, but will that protect you from sleep masks? Lucky for all you lavish sleepers out there, the answer is simple. 

Sleep Masks Are a Go

There are important steps that you must take after you get your lash extensions. The maintenance and upkeep of getting lash extensions is nothing to joke about. Anyone who gets lashes done regularly knows that correct upkeep is the difference between lashes lasting for a while, or falling out quickly. 

You may be asking yourself why it even matters? Well, here are the three main reasons why wearing sleep masks with extensions actually does matter.

Stops the Premature Shedding of Lashes: Natural lashes have a complete growth cycle of about 90 days. Eyelash extensions can take anywhere from two to four weeks to shed on their own. The process lasts this long because the lash extensions are applied on natural lashes. Constantly rubbing your lashes against a rough pillow will undoubtedly reduce retention and make them fall off due to friction on the bonds.When you lose a lash extension it SHOULD be attached to a natural lash. If clients see extensions shedding without a natural hair attached—something is wrong. 

Prevents Loss of Shape: When you sleep at different angles, you are also unknowingly applying pressure on your eyelash extensions. This can happen by simply pressing against them with the pillow or your arms. When you do that, the extensions get forced inward even though synthetic lashes are quite flexible. Sleeping positions can often end up changing the shape of the extensions, which can further flatten or deform their preset curls. We recommend putting your hand in between your lashes and the pillow to give a bit of space so they aren't grinding into the pillow. 

Reduces the Risk of Crushing Your Lashes: Using pillows made of hypoallergenic and soft materials (such as silk) helps reduce the risk of grinding on the lashes. The silk provides a slippery texture that’s great for the lashes and your skin!

Your Sleep Routine With Lash Extensions

Your nighttime routine should be looked at as a ritual. We all know how important sleep is on your brain, but it is just as important for your body. It is time to focus more on the steps leading up to bedtime. This is especially important for those who have lash extensions and want to maintain them. Developing these lash-friendly sleeping habits can make a significant difference in the lifespan of your extensions. 

Wash your face. This may seem extremely obvious, but it can often go overlooked. It is so important for you to remove all the makeup from your face before going to bed. Even if you did not wear makeup that day, washing your face is still a great idea. Getting all of the oils off your face from your day-to-day life will help maintain your lash extensions. Cleanse your face and your lashes using an eyelash extension cleanser. Despite common misconceptions, it is definitely okay to get your lash extensions wet as it is a necessary step to clean them. 

Brush your lashes. After you wash your face, use a clean or unused mascara brush and move the wand through your lashes in an upwards motion. If you are brushing your bottom lashes, be sure to move in a downwards motion. This will feel very similar to putting actual mascara on, only this will set your lashes in the proper shape and minimize their tangling while you sleep. If you're wearing volume lashes, quickly blow dry them on cool to ensure they are “fluffed” before bed and not wet!

  • To avoid poking your eyes with the brush, close one eye and brush upwards on those lashes, or close your eye and run a mascara spoolie through the top in a spinning motion.  Then repeat the process for the other eye.
  • Purchase a spoolie brush. This is basically a clean and unused mascara brush.

Use oil-free products in your skincare routine. Again, oil is the enemy when it comes to lash extensions. The more oil you can keep out of your skincare routine, the better! If you are not entirely sure where to begin the switch over to oil-free products, you can check out our LashPRO Journal for helpful tips and tricks. 

Don’t forget to wash your lashes. Aside from washing your face, we also suggest washing the lashes themselves. It’s important to note that you should never use cotton on your lash extensions, because it will pull on the bonds. Instead, use your fingers and a cleanser or mascara brush. This must be done daily.

One tip is to fluff your pillows and prop yourself up. The key to sleeping with lash extensions is by keeping your head and neck relatively still throughout the night. When you move around while you sleep, specifically to the side, this can cause your cheek to push up against your lashes. Trust us, you do not want that. 

Lastly, buy a sleep mask! The best part about all of this, you can use a sleep mask while you sleep. Not only that, it is actually highly recommended. A cupped sleeping mask will protect your lashes when you sleep. Even better, you can also find them at your local drug store. 

How Can I Strengthen My Eyelashes?

Everything we have stated above is the best practice for sleeping with lash extensions. However, you can also strengthen your natural lashes, which in turn will make them more durable for when you are sleeping. You can do this by either trying out an eyelash growth serum or taking some vitamin E oil capsules. 

We have said this time and time again, but oils (even serums) can, and will, cause your lash extensions to shed prematurely. Be sure to try these strengthening tips if you are in between refills or are planning on having them removed sometime soon. You can also try out some of these:

  • Biotin 
  • Green tea 
  • Growth serums
  • Hair, skin and nails supplement

Sleeping Tips for Lash Lovers

We have gone into detail about what exactly you should do when sleeping with lash extensions and why. However, for your convenience, here is a summarized list of our top tips. 

  • Purchase a cupped or silk sleep mask
  • Sleep on your back or lay on your hand
  • Get a silk or satin pillowcase
  • Don’t sleep with your arm draped over your eyes (even with a mask!)
  • Keep the edges of blankets and sheets away from your face 
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes when you wake up 
  • Use oil-free skin care products 
  • Use an eyeshadow brush and lash cleanser to clean lashes daily/nightly
  • Gently pat your face when drying it and blow dry your lashes for 30 seconds on cool to fluff them


The way you sleep and the condition of your lash extensions go hand-in-hand. Have you ever had a client come in for a refill and you magically know how they sleep from the state of their lashes? We’ll let you in on a secret: it is not magic that gives away their sleeping habits, but the shape and condition of their lashes in their fill appointments. 

By changing a couple of your sleeping habits, you can make a difference in your lashes. 

You can start this by buying and wearing a sleep mask. Forget all the myths you have heard about it; it will actually make such a significant improvement to your extensions. You should opt for cupped sleep masks only as they will prevent compressing your extensions against your eyes and can help keep contaminants out of your eyes and your lash extensions. 


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