Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Eyelashes?

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Eyelashes?

This is the number one question that potential lash clients ask. Can you blame them? Think about your clients for a second: they are people who want to wake up every morning with long, dark, beautiful lashes. The thought of lash extensions doing damage to the natural lashes they already have can be downright terrifying!

But never fear; you can put their minds at ease and explain to them all they need to know about eyelash extensions and their safety. Let’s break it down! 

Are Lash Extensions Right for You?

Many clients seeking longer lashes are still not sure if extensions are their best bet. Lash extensions may be right for you if:

  • You want longer eyelashes than you currently have..
  • You would like the ability to accentuate your unique eye shape or even change it altogether.  
  • Your eyelashes are naturally straight but you’d like them to be more curled.
  • You want to save time by not having to curl lashes and apply mascara.
  • You want to wake up with perfect lashes every morning.
  • You can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to getting lashes refilled when they eventually start to fall out (a natural process). 

As you can see, lash extensions are pretty much for everyone! There’s no better way to enjoy full, long lashes than a fresh set of extensions.

What Types of Lash Extensions Are There?

There are basically three main options for lash extensions: silk lashes, mink lashes, and synthetic lashes. 

Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic lashes are the way to go for modern lashes, even though they don't sound as glamorous or luscious as mink or silk lashes.

Most lash artists are using some form of synthetic lashes for a number of reasons. There is a smaller risk of allergic reactions than if they were to use real hair or fur. Synthetic lashes are also extremely versatile and easy to manipulate. 

Silk Lashes

The term "silk" is actually a bit of a misnomer. Silk lashes may appear to be sophisticated and attractive, but they are not composed of real silk. Real silk comes from a silkworm's cocoon and is incapable of standing up and holding a curl.

When a salon or artist refers to silk lashes, they are most likely referring to the style of synthetic lashes. “Silk” usually means that the lashes are light, tapered, and velvety. Silk lashes tend to be full and rich. They are ideal for high-impact lash looks.

Mink Lashes

Real mink lashes and faux mink lashes are the two varieties of mink lashes. There are a number of reasons why using real mink lashes as a lash entrepreneur is a bad choice, and most modern lash professionals no longer use real mink.

Mink lashes that are harvested from real mink are potentially cruel, even if the mink are not killed in the process. Real fur can also have an increased risk of allergic reactions in clients, so most lash pros just choose not to take the risk.

Similarly to silk lashes, when lashes are referred to as “mink,” this often just means the type of synthetic. Synthetic mink lashes are fine and soft, just like real mink but without animal cruelty. 

Which Type of Extensions are the Safest?

Now that we have discussed our options for the types of lashes and the reasons why people want them, it’s worth looking into the safety of these products.

Sugarlash PRO has renamed their synthetic lashes as Flat lashes and are available as both a mixed or single-length tray option with a variety of curls and diameters. Flat Lashes are, by far, the safest type of extensions, which is why the vast majority of lash pros opt for them. They give a demi-matte, dark finish and are safer because they are made of synthetic fibres rather than animal hair—yes, this exists; no, we do not support this practice—which limits the risk of an allergic reaction or infection.  

When looking into getting eyelash extensions, it is important to consider not only the type of lashes that are being applied but also the salon and the lash professionals themselves. A true professional knows how to apply lashes in a manner that will not damage the natural lashes.

What Clients Should Look for in a Lash Salon

There are tons of articles plastered all over the internet about how to choose a safe and reputable salon, whether that’s for lash extensions, facials, permanent makeup, or other services that estheticians may offer. So as a lash artist, you should consider what your clients will be looking out for when searching up you and your facility:

  • A clean, well-lit environment that feels relaxed but also sterile.

  • Certificates, training, and experience. Your clients will want to know that you know your stuff! Don’t be shy and display any certifications and licenses. This will put your client’s mind at ease knowing their eyes are being taken care of. 

    • Sugarlash PRO Tip: Our Accelerator Course delves into how to take the perfect Instagram photo for your business! In a nutshell? Proper lighting, quality products, easy-to-use photo editing apps, and the right angles make all the difference when it comes to marketing yourself!

  • The quality of products you are using. It’s not a bad idea to have your safe and clean products on display so clients know you aren’t hiding a thing. 

  • Reputation: are reviews good or bad? When a review is less than favorable, how does the lash artist respond?

    Debunking Myths About Lash Extensions

    Educating your clients about lash extensions is one of the most important things you can do as a lash pro. Honestly, it’s secondary only to your actual lash application skills! Here are a few of the most common myths about lash extensions and how you can explain the truth to your prospective clients.

    Myth: Lash Extensions Cause Permanent Damage to Lashes

    The Truth: lash extensions are completely safe for your eyelashes! Each synthetic lash is glued to an individual eyelash with a medical-grade adhesive

    Our natural eyelashes are automatically predisposed to falling out anyway. This is known as a natural shed cycle. There’s nothing we can do to keep our lashes or extensions from falling out, nor should we. It is part of the natural shed process and is completely safe. 

    If lashes are applied correctly by a licensed lash professional, there is no need to fear. As long as lashes are applied to each individual lash as they should be, they won’t fall out before their time.

    Myth: Lash Extensions Can Hurt Your Eyes

    The Truth: This is highly unlikely. First of all, when lash extensions are applied, the eyes are completely closed and guarded by eye pads. 

    No adhesive, lashes, or solutions should ever get into your eye because your eyelids are closed the entire time lash extensions are being done. The first safety precaution you can take to avoid irritation is to make sure the adhesive is safe for your eyes and does not include anything harmful to them, such as formaldehyde.

    Reputable lash pros will always disclose what products they are using, and consumers shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a patch test if they want.

    Myth: Lash Extensions Will Hinder Everyday Activities

    The Truth: If anything, lash extensions will make life easier for the wearer! No longer will it be necessary to curl lashes and apply mascara every single day, cutting down on the makeup routine.

    Though some people may be worried about their ability to shower, work out, or go swimming, these concerns are minimal. If the lashes and products are coming from a trusted source like Sugarlash PRO, you won't have to worry about experiencing any FOMO. It is worthwhile to invest in your company's future and have faith in your skill, knowledge, and product. 

    Take care to reassure any weary clients that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to lash extensions interrupting their daily activities. They will appreciate that you care about their lifestyle as well as their lashes, which goes a long way to building a long-lasting relationship between artist and client!

    How To Appropriately Care for Lash Extensions

    Now that we have gotten some of the myths out of the way, it’s important to realize that there are some things that need to be done in order to properly care for lash extensions, and to ensure that they stay fresh and beautiful.

    The truth is lash extensions will not damage existing lashes, however, what the client themselves do to the lashes could very well cause some damage to the natural lash!

    Here are some no-nos when it comes to lash extensions that all your clients should be informed of before they go into their appointment:

    • Don’t rub your eyes! This will not only cause premature shedding, but could also pull your natural lashes out with the extensions which could cause long term damage to your natural lashes.
    • Avoid picking or pulling on the lashes. If you feel like there’s debris caught up in your extensions, whether it’s a hair or a piece of lint, we recommend brushing it out using a spooly brush your artist should give you after every appointment.
    • Try to stay away from friction! Sleeping on your stomach is one thing that can shorten the life of lash extensions. If you find you have a hard time sleeping on your side or back, we recommend using an eye mask with domed eye pads to avoid touching your lashes. If you find sleeping masks uncomfortable or are a restless sleeper, we recommend investing in a silk pillowcase, as this will lessen the friction caused by a cotton one (it’s also great for your hair). Beauty sleep is beauty sleep for a reason!
    • Don’t use mechanical lash curlers (that won’t be necessary anyway!). Actually, any lash curlers should be exiled from your makeup routine as well as mascaras. With lash extensions you’ll find these products completely unnecessary and will cause your extensions more harm in the long run.
    • Don’t use oil-based products on the eyes or face. Try finding products that specifically advertise themselves as oil-free. And yes, this goes for both makeup and skincare!

    Here are the things that you SHOULD do when caring for lash extensions:

    • Brush them daily. It only takes about 30 seconds, but be gentle.
    • Pat them dry after swimming or showering. Remember: don’t rub!

    A lot of the aftercare involved is basically just common sense. You wouldn’t want to pull at your natural lashes, and the same is true for extensions. 

    All in All

    The takeaway is simple: lash extensions will not harm your natural lashes. Is there some upkeep involved? Sure. But it is absolutely worth it to have the beautiful lashes that extensions provide. 

    As long as extensions are made of quality materials and applied by a professional, there is no need to fear! Enjoy those lashes. 



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