Caring for your lash extensions: Summer edition

Caring for your lash extensions: Summer edition


Summer is officially in full swing! And the perfect addition to any effortless summer look is a perfect set of lashes. But with hot weather, high humidity and a TON of sun, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to your lash extensions this summer.


1. Swimming


Whether you're lounging by the beach or the pool, water is a must for summer—and with lash extensions, you don’t have to worry about mascara smudging or smearing after your midday swim! Lash extension lovers can enjoy looking effortlessly chic with their full, dark lashes, lounging by the pool or getting their float on in one of these beauties.



Chlorine and salt water can affect lash retention though, so for best results rinse lashes with water post swim.


2. Hot Yoga


Skip the studio and head outside for a workout! With lash extensions, you can do yoga, pilates, spin, run (or any other sweaty activity) worry-free. With great lashes covered, and no mascara drips in sight, you can finally focus on nailing crow pose. After a workout session, rinse the sweat off your lashes, and brush through with a clean mascara spoolie.




3. Beach Bonfires


It wouldn’t be summer without bonfires on the beach, barbeques, and campfires. Remember, eyelash extensions are like any other kind of human hair—meaning they can singe! If it's too hot for your natural hair, it's too hot for your eyelash extensions.




4. Products


One of the great things about summer is the humidity. After months of parched skin, we’re sooo ready for a little extra moisture—and increased humidity in the air means less moisturizer, fewer serums, and ultimately less chance of oil-based products coming in contact with your lashes. To keep up a healthy lash routine all summer long, make the most of the humidity and keep your sunscreen oil-free.


Enjoy the summer! Your effortless beauty secret is safe with us.

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