6 Mistakes To Avoid When Caring for Your Summer Lashes

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Caring for Your Summer Lashes

We’re all a little busier in the summer. There’s a lot of things to see and do, friends to meet, and memories to make. You want to look great in every photo, and keep your summer get ready routine quick and easy. Even if the night gets a little messy, your lashes will keep you looking fresh all night long. 

Even though your lashes are meant to stay, like all good things in life, they require proper care and maintenance to remain plush and full all summer long! Here are six mistakes you as the client should avoid when caring for your lashes this summer from your friendly neighborhood lash artist. 

1. Not Rinsing After a Workout

When you hit the gym and slay your workout, you’re probably desperately craving some much-needed rest and relaxation. And you deserve it! But first, you have a few more things to do to ensure your lashes stay fresh. So while you’re washing the hard day’s work off your face, don’t forget it’s important to take care of your lashes - after all they are an investment!  

Sweat and oils that have built up on your face can cause acne, breed bacteria, and damage the bonds of your extensions. Make sure you’re thoroughly, but gently, rinsing away the sweat and oils that have accumulated on your eyelids and gently patting them dry after you’re done. 

2. Letting Chlorine Sit on Your Lashes

After you’re done enjoying your cocktail in the pool or the hot tub, give your lashes and hair a little extra TLC. Chlorine is harsh and drying. When you’re done soaking and floating, you might notice that your skin and hair feel very dry. 

Taking a shower and moisturizing can restore your softness and shine. Chlorine can also take a toll on your lashes, causing them to become brittle and weakening the bonds. Rinse all the chlorine off ASAP and follow all the proper aftercare procedures from your lash artist. 

3. Be Mindful of Smoke and Flames

Barbecues and bonfires are a summer staple! Gathering around a fire with your friends and family under the stars is a timeless summer tradition. That being said, hanging out around open flames is common sense - therefore watch your lashes! Even soot and ash can cause buildup on your lashes and can cause the eyes to water.

To avoid damaging your beautiful summer lashes, be sure to follow all cleansing procedures to ensure your lashes are looking fire rather than being on fire!

4. No Oil Cleansers

Makeup, sweat, buildup, and even dead skin cells can wreck your beautiful lash extensions. As we know, oil based products will cause your lashes to come loose before your fill. So we are sorry to say, you might have to sacrifice your favourite oil based cleanser in favour of a water based one. Good news, SugarLash Pro’s LashPure Cleanser is here to keep your lashes fluffy and clean!

5. Beat the Heat

If you’re planning on soaking up some sun this summer, it might be best to consult your lash artist on whether or not you need to adjust your lashes accordingly. Scaling back in length and diameter can keep your lashes looking better for longer - don’t worry! A shorter length doesn’t mean your lashes won’t look full and dark. A volume or even mega volume set can be done to achieve fullness and depth so you can have the hot girl summer you deserve! Again, it’s best to consult your lash artist on what would work best for you and your summer plans.

6. Skipping Fill Appointments

It’s summer. You’re busy. You have tickets to music festivals and camping weekends planned. There might be a few road trips on the horizon. We understand and we love that for you!

Whether it’s lounging poolside or hanging out with friends, summer is a time for no one else but you! With all these summer plans, you may not have time to make your fill appointments. 

Just be mindful of the fact that if you put them off for too long, you’ll wind up with patchy lashes as extensions naturally shed and grow out. If you won’t be able to make your appointments, opt for a lash lift instead. A lash lift ensures you won’t get caught in an awkward growth face between appointments while still making sure your lashes look photoready for the summer. 

Beautiful Lashes All Summer Long

SugarLash PRO Certified Artists are here to give you perfect lashes for every season. Just make sure you as the client are informed and understand how to treat your lash extensions between appointments. Have all the summer fun your heart desires. Just be mindful on which occasions will require a little extra love and care to keep your lashes looking fresh. 


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