Can You Wear Mascara with Lash Extensions?

Can You Wear Mascara with Lash Extensions?

No matter if you're planning a night out or want to elevate your daily look, lash extensions are a great way to make your eyes pop. You don't have to worry about taking off your extensions at the end of each evening. There are many eyelash extensions that you can wear daily that don't cause any damage to your natural lashes. 

High-quality lash extensions are an investment, but worth it. After applying a pair, you may be wondering, can you put mascara on lash extensions?

The answer is yes! If you feel like the lashes have gaps or are too fine, mascara is an easy solution to make them look thicker and more full. 

If you're looking for tips on how to wear mascara with lash extensions and what products to use, read on for more information. 

Wearing Mascara with Lash Extensions

The Best Mascaras for Eyelash Extensions

Mascara can add impact to your lower lashes and make them look uniform to your upper lashes. Adding mascara will make both your upper and lower lashes the same color, especially if your extensions are black and your natural is brown. Using mascara with eyelash extensions adds extra drama. 

As a rule, avoid any oil-based mascaras as the oil will loosen up the adhesive of your lashes, causing them to fall out faster. Look for mascaras that are water-based and that are designed for use on extensions. 

Gently apply the mascara to your extensions and use soft brushes to put on the mascara. The brush has the potential to pull on your lashes, resulting in them becoming loosened, damaged, and falling out. So take care as you apply your mascara. 

Here are a few of our favorite mascara to use with eyelash extensions:

  • Beauty Garde's Oil-Free Mascara: Another oil-free option, this mascara is designed to pump up the volume on extensions without causing any wear on the adhesive. It is long-lasting, so you will have length and volume all day without any smudging. 
  • Blink Lash Noir Mascara: For the budget shopper, this water-based mascara is under $20. It contains ingredients such as vitamin E and keratin, making your lashes look shinier and feel softer. It provides long-lasting wear and is easily removed with water. 
  • KC Republic: This mascara is water-based and specially designed for lash extension wear. It will add volume and length to your extensions without any flaking, clumping, or smudging. 

If you follow a few simple rules when picking out mascara for your lash extensions, you're sure to find one that amps up the drama with your lashes. You don't want to ruin your extensions by applying mascara that ruins them. 

Types of Mascara to Avoid

In addition to any oil-based products, there are other types of mascaras you should avoid:

Tube Mascara

Tube mascara doesn't mean mascara that comes in a tube. This type of product has polymers that will wrap "tubes" around each individual lash. This sounds great if you're not wearing extensions. 

If you use tube mascara on lash extensions, it will stick to them like cement, making it impossible to remove. You risk severely damaging your extensions with this type of mascara. 

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove in the best of times. It is one of the worst things for your lash extensions. It is designed to stay on your natural lashes but will make your extensions brittle. 

Removing waterproof mascara from lash extensions is a nightmare in itself. You need a strong makeup remover to take it off, which will seal the fate of your extensions. 

Fiber Mascara

This type of mascara is also difficult to remove as well. The idea behind fiber mascara is to create the look of lash extensions by adding fibers to your natural ones to add volume and length. Why add more to your extensions when they're already giving you that look?

Eyelash Extension Care

Just as you use oil-free mascara, apply that rule to the rest of the skincare and makeup products you use around your eyes. If you do like to use oil-based products, just make sure that you're not putting it anywhere near the lash line or lashes. Avoid any long-lasting or waterproof makeup products as they can be hard to remove.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is using a water-based makeup remover. Don't use cloth or cotton disks to wash your lashes. Clean them with a mascara brush or your hands. 

Don't ever pull or rub your lashes. If they get wet, dab them with a tissue, paper towel, or lint-free towel. Use a mascara brush to gently brush them back in place. 

An eyelash curler will also bend your extensions, rip, and/or pull them out. If you need an extra pop of volume, use a heated curler to gently add some lift. 

Mascara Application and Removal

You will want to be extra careful when applying mascara to your lash extensions. Start by focusing on the middle to tip area of your lashes, being sure to avoid the roots. Applying too much mascara on the base can cause the extension to become heavy and pull out the lashes. 

To remove the mascara, you can apply your makeup remover to a clean mascara wand. Brush it through your extensions a few times to help break down the mascara. An effective makeup remover will remove your mascara without you having to scrub your eyes. 

When you're ready to remove your extensions and move on to a new look, don't pick or pull them off. Use a gel remover to safely break down the lash adhesive without causing damage to your natural lashes. 

So, Can You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions? 

Applying a water-based mascara is a great way to take your daily or nightly look to the next level. Your eyes are already popping with your extensions, so why not be super extra and add in some volumizing mascara.  

Your burning question of "can you put mascara on lash extensions?" has been answered. Confidently purchase a new set of extensions and a quality water-based mascara. Start experimenting and having fun with different looks.

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