Building Client Confidence in the COVID Era

Building Client Confidence in the COVID Era

We have been through it all over the last year. Lockdowns, reopens, lockdowns, reopens. It’s enough to leave lash artists and their clients rattled, frustrated and unsure of next steps. 

The amazing news is that there have been ZERO confirmed cases of COVID-19 being transmitted via one-on-one lash services! Why? Likely because we have all been trained already in proper sanitation and sterilization and have it down to a science. However, that doesn’t mean more measures can’t be added for even more confidence in keeping doors open and your clients comfortable to maintain their love of Sugarlash PRO lashes! 

We want to give you some tips on creating the perfect safe (and chic) salon for your clients to rely on. 

1. Masks

Masks should be worn by both service providers and clients to stop droplets.


2. Face Shield

Face shields also add a second barrier between providers and clients.


3. Client Protection Shield

The client protection shield gives a work space barrier.  

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4. Gloves

Using gloves eliminates skin to skin contact during services.

More tips! 

+ Have a COVID-19 waiver prior to appointments to confirm your client has not been exposed, awaiting test results, or is symptomatic in anyway. Have them fill it out electronically prior to their appointments. 

+ Keep talking to a minimum. Lash naps are best anyways! 

+ Try listening to a podcast or something interesting if you have a client who likes conversation during their appointment

+ As always, soap and water wash between each client and wipe down bed/dispose of all items prior to your next appointment 

Lashes are here to stay. Let’s ensure our industry is setting the bar high for what safe services look like! Get prepared and shop PPE here!

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