Ask the Educators: What's Your Fave Sugarlash PRO™ Product?

Ask the Educators: What's Your Fave Sugarlash PRO™ Product?

Tweezers, and lashes, and Pearl Secure Adhesive Rings… like any lash artist, these are definitely a few of our favourite things. Our LashPRO Educators are lash experts and self-proclaimed product junkies, so we had them tell us THEIR go-to Sugarlash PRO™ product — and break down why they like it!



Crystal Harvey

Naked Bond. I love it! It consistently works well, and I love that it’s clear. Retention has never been better! It’s a small bottle, which means you go through it quickly, so it always stays fresh.”



Sadie Welder

“I love the Uptown Mink  lashes. They have a bit more of a bold look, but because the ends are more tapered and it has a matte finish, it still appears very natural.



Yuel Loo

Naked Bond all the way! I love how well it performs in high humidity, and the 1-second hold can’t be beat. Plus, I don’t have to worry about allergies as much since there’s no carbon black ingredient.



Samantha Taylor

“The V-Masters are my go-to volume tweezers — the sweet spot is huge! It’s also hard not to highlight Uptown Mink lashes, because their matte finish is incomparable. They’re the perfect choice to give each set that natural finish.”

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