Ask the Educators: Valentine's Day Date Night Lash Looks!

Ask the Educators: Valentine's Day Date Night Lash Looks!

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your long-term partner, a new hot date, or with all your BFFs (hello Galentine’s Day!), we know you’re gonna be putting your best face (and lashes) forward. But even the experts can use a little help! That’s why we had the pros break down their ideas for the perfect date night lash and makeup looks for V-Day 2019. And when your clients come in clamouring for these lash styles, we’ve got your back — you can shop the perfect product pairs to create each look!


Yuel Loo, LashPRO Educator

“Romantic lashes! I would totally go for an extra feathery, sultry look — not dramatic or super packed in, but wispier and delicate. Pair that with pretty, dewy skin, glowing cheeks and a nude gloss, and you’re good to go!

PERFECT PAIR: To get that feathery look that still packs a punch, we suggest going with our Mink Lashes, which offer the perfect delicate wispiness, along with our cult-favourite Elite Bond adhesive.



Crystal Harvey, LashPRO Educator

“Smudged eyeliner effect, because that’s how the night’s gonna end!” We swear, she visibly winked at this. “But seriously, I would definitely go for a sexier cat or kitten eye. For makeup, I say go bold! Play those sultry lashes off of full, red, bee-stung lips and a darker brow.”

PERFECT PAIR: Need to go bold? Our ultra-black Silk Lashes will do the trick. And there’s no better tool than the V-Master Tweezers for perfect fan creation — so you can nail the cat eye look every time.



Debbie Vo, LashPRO Educator

“I would go for dense lashes, but shorter lengths, with an almost mascara-like effect. You can’t go wrong with sheer, nude lips, soft natural brows, and light stain on the cheeks.”

PERFECT PAIR: When you create your short, dense sets, you may run into hard-to-handle lashes. That’s why our Heated Eyelash Curler is so necessary — it lets you straighten or curl lashes that are difficult to manage. And even before that, if your client has oily lashes, your first step is using our Primer — it strips all residues off the lashes so that you have the perfect clean canvas.


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