Ask the Educator: What's YOUR Favourite Lash Style (Part 1)

Ask the Educator: What's YOUR Favourite Lash Style (Part 1)

There are as many possible lash looks out there as there are people with lashes (so, literally BILLIONS of styles!) But every lash artist has a favourite, whether it’s the look of the style itself, or the work that goes into creating it. We rounded up our LashPRO Educators and asked them their fave lash looks!

Crystal Harvey  

“I LOVE organic texture. It’s such a great way to enhance a client’s natural beauty using a realistic look. I kind of like that people don’t necessarily know whether someone’s lashes are extensions or not because they’re not obvious. Keep ‘em guessing!”



Sadie Welder

“Perfect line, all the way! It’s a more challenging set to create and a lot of technical skill is required. Plus I like the crisp, clean line going all the way across.”



Yuel Loo

“I love both the kitten eye and natural sweep because they tend to suit most people. Not everyone, obviously, but many! I also love to brush out that shape!”



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