Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

If you are reading this article, odds are you are a lash artist or salon owner yourself, and this article might be preaching to the choir so to speak. After all, we don’t have to tell you that lash extensions are one of the most worthwhile beauty investments a person can make. 

Your prospective clients, however, might need a little convincing. 

There are many circumstances and concerns that may hold prospective clients back from taking the plunge into the world of lash extensions, and it’s up to you to show them that lash extensions are for everyone!

What Are Lash Extensions?

You are probably very familiar with eyelash extensions, but it’s beneficial to think about this question from a client’s perspective. It’s important to be able to explain lash extensions in a way that prospective clientele can understand, and we are here to help you do it.

Lash extensions are typically made of a synthetic fiber that is attached to the base of the eyelashes with a strong but safe adhesive. What sets lash extensions apart from the types of false strip eyelashes that are available to consumers is longevity. A full set of lashes can stay looking beautiful for three to four weeks before needing a touch-up or fill and can be worn indefinitely with regular maintenance.

Eyelash extensions are incredible because each synthetic lash is painstakingly applied to individual natural lashes to create a beautiful and customized look. Lash extensions are designed to make lashes look longer, fuller, and darker. 

They are completely painless and safe to the eyes, as long as they are applied by a knowledgeable lash technician. They can actually cut down on the amount of eye makeup one needs to wear, which for many people can be a huge benefit both financially and in terms of how much time they spend getting ready.

What Is the Lash Application Process Like?

What many clients do not realize about lash extensions is that they are only applied to the lashes, not to the skin. Each synthetic lash is applied by a well-trained professional who knows exactly what to do in order to make each client’s unique eyes stand out. Good lash extensions are bonded to only one natural lash at a time, maintaining a health growth cycle of the hair.

It is important to make sure that clients truly understand the process because, for those who are new to lash extensions, the thought of someone doing delicate work in their eye area can be a little overwhelming or even intimidating. Newer clients will appreciate a little extra hand-holding, especially when it comes to that first appointment. 

Though the process varies from one salon to the next, clients can generally expect the following.

Lash Artist Consultation

Before actually applying for the lash extensions, clients can expect to meet with their lash artist, who will ask them questions about their health and lifestyle to determine their lash wants and needs. Make sure you give them styling options to suit their face and eye shape.

Choosing the Lashes

After the initial consultation, clients will select the length and type of lashes they want, whether classic, volume, or hybrid. This is a great place to guide your client to help them make the best choices for their needs.

Prepping the Lashes

After being set up in a comfortable position lying down, it’s time to cleanse the eye area and brush the natural lashes. When clients arrive with a makeup-free face, that’s always a bonus! 

Once lashes are clean and ready to go, the lash artist will use gel shields to keep the lower lashes out of the way and provide a stark white contrast to better visualize the lashes as they are applied. 

Applying the Lashes

This will obviously be the longest part of the appointment. In total, a full set of eyelash extensions will take anywhere from two to three hours (fills are 45 minutes to an hour and a half) depending on how many lashes need to be placed. 

Lash artists use specially designed tweezers to dip the synthetic eyelashes into lash glue and then apply each one to the individual lashes. The eyes will remain closed the entire time, so there is no risk of being poked in the eye or of lashes falling into the eyes (a common misconception!).

After the Application

Lash adhesive dries very quickly, but many lash artists like to have clients wait around for a few minutes just to make sure the lashes are completely set. Once the adhesive has thoroughly dried, the lash tech will brush through the lashes, and the client is good to go!

Depending on the type of lashes and adhesive used, people should know that they may need to wait a little while before getting lashes wet. With traditional lash extensions, it’s recommended that the wearer waits 24-48 hours before getting the lashes wet.

However, Sugarlash PRO has a Finishing Spray and also a Curator product that are used as a sealant—that means your lashes are set and ready to go the moment you walk out of a lash appointment! 

Taking Care of Lash Extensions

One thing that sometimes keeps people from getting the lashes of their dreams is the misconception that lash extensions are difficult to care for. This couldn’t be further from the truth! If anything, lash extensions lessen the get ready time for many clients as it cuts out the need to apply products like eyeliner, mascara, and falsies!

In fact, many regular lash clients appreciate the time-saving ease of not having to curl their lashes or use mascara. This is a huge selling point, especially for those who have very straight lashes and have to go to great lengths to curl their lashes daily. 

So how long will those beautiful bright eyelashes last? Typically six to eight weeks, depending on your body’s natural lash shedding cycle. Since the synthetic lashes are simply glued to the natural lashes, when the lash falls out on its own, so does the extension. It is important to note many artists will recommend a fill every three to four weeks to ensure their lashes are looking fresh. 

Going for fills every three to four weeks is a less expensive route to go as opposed to waiting eight weeks and paying for a full set every time, which is more expensive and more of a time commitment. 

There are some things that you can tell your clients to do which can keep the lashes looking in pristine condition until it’s time for a fill.

  • Keep them clean. Lashes should be cleaned daily using an oil-free cleanser. They should also be carefully brushed through with a spoolie. 
  • Avoid pulling on lashes or touching them if possible. This seems obvious, but if you pull on the lashes, it’s more likely that they will fall out before their time.
  • Avoid friction. Try not to rub your eyes or your lashes. Some lash artists even recommend a satin pillowcase for those who are side or stomach sleepers. Bonus? It will keep your hair and skin looking nice when you wake up!
  • Use oil-free makeup and cleanser. It’s best to stick to oil-free formulas when it comes to makeup, makeup remover, and cleanser. Oils can break down the adhesive used for lash extensions. Much of the makeup you have will be oil-free anyway, but it’s good to check. 

As you can see, there really isn’t that much to do in regards to taking care of lash extensions. When clients ask about upkeep, again, it’s best to let them know that to keep lashes looking full they should get them filled in every three weeks or so. 

The Breakdown

Okay, so we have talked through the basics of lash extensions. Let’s run through a pros and cons list. Of course, we want all of our clients to invest in some beautiful lashes, but it’s the right thing to do to ensure that they have all the information before making a choice.


  • You will wake up every morning with drop-dead gorgeous lashes. No need to curl them or use mascara. Talk about instant gratification!
  • After the initial appointment, lash extension fills do not take very long. Most fills will take only around 45 minutes.
  • Lash extensions are completely customizable. You can decide to go with an ultra-dramatic look, or something more natural.
  • The process is completely pain-free and totally safe. 
  • They are virtually waterproof. Anyone who has curled a natural lash knows that if you go swimming, the curl completely disappears. Not the case with lash extensions!


  • Lashes are definitely an investment. An initial set will run anywhere from $135-$350, with refills costing around $75-$180. 
  • They do require some maintenance. In addition to getting frequent refills, clients need to take care to not rub lashes or treat them roughly. This means being extra careful during makeup application and face washing.
  • As with any product, allergic reactions and routine irritations are always a possibility. 
  • If lashes are not applied with care by a licensed professional, they can sometimes cause damage to natural lashes. This is why it’s so important to do research before getting lash extensions. 

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, are lash extensions worth it? Well, the most obvious answer is yes, if they work for you! Lash extensions look amazing on everyone, plain and simple. The real question is whether or not you have the desire and means to keep up with lash appointments and maintain their glamorous effect. 

Ultimately, eyelashes are just hair: they shed, and they grow back. Why not give lash extensions a try? You’ve got nothing to lose and full, long, dark lashes to gain!



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