All About That B Curl

All About That B Curl

Hello, is it B Curl you’re looking for? Have you been neglecting this curl variety lately? B curl is underused and underestimated for the unique impact it can provide for your clients!

Here are our top tips to add this versatile curl back into your lash tool belt!

  1. B curl is ideal for correcting eyes that are round or protruding as they do not add to the height of the eye and instead help to balance and correct the eye shape to appear more almond.
  2. If your clients demand a natural set – using B curl, or a blend of B and C – will create the ultimate natural textured set. 
  3. B curl is a must for our male clients! Most men prefer a more natural result and using a blend of B curl in both black and brown finish in your masculine sets will accentuate and define their eyes without overwhelming them!
  4. If your clients demand sultry looks, B curl can execute this for you! B curl can be used to create a sultry liner effect when styled as a Kitten or Cat eye shape. Move over Marilyn Monroe and make way for the new curl in town!

It’s time to pull those B curls out storage and up your lash game! 

Register for our LashSTYLE program if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to implement different curl types into your lash sets to style your clients correctly and execute their requests. We will teach you how to use curls to your advantage through a number of styling effects! 

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