8 Tips for Stronger Extension Bonds!

8 Tips for Stronger Extension Bonds!

We all want the same thing: happy clients, a great reputation for our business, and a booming clientele. This is why making sure you have optimal lash retention is the single most important factor in your eyelash extension business!

I have had quite a few questions for Q & A pertaining to getting strong bonds on the lashes. Here are our top tips on how to get your bonds stronger, and lasting longer! 

Optimize your Space
Air quality, the right room temperature, and humidity all play important factors in how adhesive works, and ultimately how well you will bond each extension.

-Chemicals in the air are never a good thing, and can affect how lash adhesive performs. If you work in a salon or have other beauty providers near your work space, invest in a high quality air purifier. 
-Different adhesives work in different humidities and temperatures. Candylash and Flawless Bond both like 45-55% RH and 19-22 degrees for temperature, while Elite Adhesive can perform well in a wider range of environments including: 20-60% RH and 19-24 degrees.

Clean as a Whistle!
Adhesive loves a good clean lash to grab onto. Any residues or debris on the natural lash creates a barrier between the lash adhesive and the natural lash, which will of course result in a weak bond.

-Use LashPure Cleanser to prep the lashes before each full set and also before each fill. Make sure to clean right down to the eyelid, and between every lash.
-Rinse well with water or saline, and pat dry but not TOO dry - adhesive loves a bit of moisture on the lash to help tack and grab to the natural lashes.

Ditch the Primer
Primer has it’s place but 90% of the time it’s not needed in a set of lashes. Since primer has alcohol in it, it is drying to the natural lashes. If the lashes are too dry, adhesive has a hard time grabbing and setting up on the lash.

-Usually, a cleanse and rinse is all that’s needed to prep the lashes before application.
-Use primer only on those clients who are having retention issues.

Be an Adhesive BOSS.
Using too much adhesive can be equally detrimental to bonding as not using enough. An ideal amount of adhesive is a thin even coat over 2-3mm of the extension (classic) or 1mm at the very base (volume). A tiny bead should be seen at the very base of the extension but if you can still see the bead upon placement, you have too much. Never “dab” your excess adhesive on your glue plate, or gel pad. This takes adhesive off of the extension, and creates an uneven coating before placement. Seamless, even bonds, for the win!

Isolate First, then Press and Place!
Sugarlash eyelash adhesives are thin, speedy adhesives. You only have 1-2 seconds to place your extension before it is initially set up on the lash. This means isolation needs to be done first. Once you have your isolation set up, dip the extension in adhesive and bring right to the natural lash.

Choose the Correct Bond
Natural lashes are all different. Some are curly, some are straight. Some lay nicely, and some grow in odd directions. Each bond must be approached on an individual basis. The common bonding types are: traditional, corrective, and wrap around. Approach each lash from the angle it makes most sense and gives you best access. Example: if you have an extremely curly natural lash, you dont want totry and bond the extension to the top of it as you'll be fighting with the curl. Instead approaching from underneath gives you better control of direction. Ensure the base of the extension is secure with the base of the natural lash and it will be strong!

No Lash Dancing.
Now that you’re optimizing the natural lashes before application, using the right amount of adhesive, and isolating first before dipping your extension… let’s talk about applying to the natural lash! Back in the day, some lash companies would teach to “paint” or coat the natural lash with adhesive before placing the lash. This was because adhesive was slow, and thick. Sugarlash adhesives are all fast and thin and require a precise application.

-Once the extension is dipped, bring it to the natural lash at the exact angle you want to attach it. 
-Press the lash into place on the lash, focussing on the strongest bond between the base of the extension to the base of the natural lash. Hold for 1 second, and release.
-Once the extension touches the natural lash it should NOT come off. If you remove the extension after it has touched the natural lash, it will leave adhesive on the natural lash and you will be trying to bond adhesive on the extension, to adhesive on the natural lash.  Not ideal. No wiggling, no shimmies, no dancing, no painting. Just. Dont. 

Control the Cure, Baby!
We used to tell clients not to get their lashes wet for 24-48 hours after their appointment (is it just me or is this a big window?!). We would HOPE they would listen to us, or else we would be answering sad texts about their lashes shedding prematurely. Now, we don’t need to cross our fingers - we are in control!

-Use a Lash Cure Mister to slowly deliver a controlled amount of moisture to cure the lash adhesive before they leave! We then know bonds are strong, and are set before they walk out the door.

And there you have it! My top tips to keep your bonds stronger, and lasting longer (is anyone else thinking this sounds like a Cosmopolitan Magazine line? Ha!). 

I'd love to hear your comments below, and if you have any additional tips for our readers! If you found this helpful, I'd love if you would share this post with your lashy friends! 

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