6 (BUSINESS) Reasons to be More Authentic on Social Media

6 (BUSINESS) Reasons to be More Authentic on Social Media


1. It makes you relatable

Sugarlash PRO marketing manager, Bre Lariviere, feels that the rules around showcasing your originality and the realities/complexities of your life on social media has shifted in the last couple of years. “In a short space of time, it’s become a LOT more important for people to relate to a genuine experience on Instagram. For example, people will relate more to a post that details someone’s dramatic weight loss and gain over the last year vs a Victoria’s Secret model and her perfect life.”

Why might that be? Bre’s got a theory: “I think people are tired of seeing a perfectly curated feed and the perfect life, and are looking for more posts they can relate to on a personal level and that speaks to them,” adding that influencers have now realized this and are capitalizing on it. “More people and companies are creating content that is more genuine, rather than content that makes it look like they’re living this idealized life.”


2. You’ll attract the right clientele for you.

For Crystal Harvey, owner of Scotialash Salon and a LashPRO Educator, clients often gravitate towards a lash artist’s individual style. “A lot of lash artists become known for a style or branding type. By knowing what you like and advertising that, the clients you want will see you being more real and feel comfortable. From how your Instagram wall looks to the walls in your studio, your true taste can be your strongest marketing tool. When you do you, you’ll attract your lash matches.”  

Fellow LashPRO Educator and owner of DMVO Lash Bar, Debbie Vo, agrees. “The integrity of being yourself trumps pretending to be something you're not. Your client comes to you because they love your work and they want to get to know you. If my client doesn't like my personality and authenticity then they are not the client for me. As much as we are a service industry and your clients is trying to choose their lash artist, as lash artists we also choose who our clienteles are.”


3. You’ll appeal to a wider audience

For Bre, authenticity has some major marketing benefits — like expanding your reach and gaining the interest of clients beyond your inner aesthetic sphere. “I think it’s very important to show that not everyone can create the perfect lash set all the time. The  idealized lash sets you see all over Instagram with flawless mega volume application using advanced techniques doesn’t happen overnight.”

And according to her, you’re not always going to get the perfect client who has the perfect eye to create these perfect Instagrammable sets. Says Bre, “You’re more likely going to get clients who come in with a whole variety of eyes, eye planes, eye sets, who sport a few wrinkles, who may have retention issues or lash gaps.  Potential clients that fall into these categories might be thinking, Oh I won’t look good in extensions, or I don’t have the perfect eyes for lash extensions. Being authentic shows these everyday clients that they don’t need to worry. Showcasing your authentic work online will cater to a wider range of people rather than lashing that model you did one time. That model whose pictures you repurpose might look great on the feed, but it’s not going to attract a larger, diverse range of clients who might be older, younger, different ethnicities, etc.”


4. When it comes to editing, minimal is ethical

As a trained graphic designer, Debbie knows the power of an edited photo , but also how important it is to be aware of the extent of photo-editing — and knowing when to stop. “In terms of social media, since I am a graphic designer I believe in editing your photos, BUT only to the extent where you are fixing blemishes or anything that distracts the viewer from the main focus (which is the lashes). There's nothing wrong with playing with the warmth/coolness and brightening/exposure of your photo to have it be visually appealing and matching your feed. However, when people over-edit or darken the lash line, this goes to far — and creates unrealistic expectations for your clients.”


5. You’ll amp up your engagement

Sometimes, it’s your more raw photos that get people talking on social media — in a positive way. “ It’s important to mix in imperfect photos of sets with perfect photos,” says Bre. “I think raw photos can be really powerful, especially when you do a ‘swipe to see the edited photo’ type of post to start a conversation about how easy it is to give the appearance of the perfect client with the perfect photo, when that might not be the case. It’s often the raw, challenging photo that will make more people connect and relate to you, and you’ll get more engagement.”

And along with the all-important images, don’t forget about creating captions that tell the full story, even on the more perfect, edited photos of your sets.


6. Your authenticity defines your career.

At least according to LashPRO Educator and owner of Melbourne’s Summerhill  Lashes, Samantha Taylor. “It will make or break your business! Clients can tell from a far when it’s all copy and paste. The skills you gain from creating your own content and the way you as an individual handle customer dealings will define how long you’ll last in the industry.” Agrees fellow lash artist and LashPRO Educator, Kristen Wade, adding, “If you don’t stand out, then you’ll blend in.”

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