5 Reasons you might be underbooked

5 Reasons you might be underbooked

Whether lashing is your full-time job, or something you do on evenings and weekends, developing a steady client-base is key. No lash artist wants to spend their week waiting around for someone—anyone— to please just book a fill for the love of mercy. And not knowing what your paycheck is going to look like makes paying bills, planning big purchases (and treating yo’ self!) nearly impossible. If you’re underbooked and don’t know why, there’s a good chance one of these five factors might be to blame.

1. Weak Branding. Branding is one of our favourite topics at Sugarlash PRO, and that’s because as an office full of fashion, beauty, and lash-loving ladies we’re drawn to beautiful brands. Good branding is what attracts customers before they’ve even tried your product, and part of what keeps them coming back. If you don’t know how strong your branding is, ask yourself if you have these:

  • A strong logo. Think Nike, Apple, or Starbucks and the first thing to pop into your head isn’t track pants or a Cinnamon Dolce Latte—it’s their logo. A strong logo doesn’t just capture people’s interest, it’s a symbol they’ll remember you by.

Good luck ever forgetting these bad boys.

  • A cohesive palette. When clients come into your lashing space or visit your Instagram page, are they soothed by pale turquoise? Energized by bold plum? Or do they dive into a mismatch of colors and textures that ends up confusing them more than anything? Keeping a united color palette across social platforms and in your lashing space will help you build an atmosphere that clients not only enjoy, but associate specifically with your brand.
  • A little somethin’ somethin’. Every brand has something that makes them totally unique. Whether it’s a secret lashing method, ultra-customized styling, or commitment to the best products out there, find what makes your brand different and own it.
  • Good vibes. When customers come into your business, how do they feel? Relaxed? Grateful? Excited for the best nap of their lives? Branding isn’t just logos and social media, it’s the type of environment you create for your clients.

    2. Poor Marketing. Maybe you have a super unique brand, but like those new flares you’re saving for summer—it’s not being seen. We live in the age of social marketing, which means everyone with an Instagram account has a shot at fame. But all that great content out there also means you can be easily overlooked. To get your brand noticed in the endless sea of social media posts, make sure you.

    • Curate your feed! Editing your lash photos in similar tones, and choosing a common color theme that fits your brand and style will catch people’s attention and make them want to follow you!


    Check out a few of our favourite Instagram feeds. Each uses a consistent color palette and photo styling to build a feed people want to follow!

    • Learn the marketing basics. Boosting a post on Facebook, or creating a social media ad requires a bit of time and brainpower, but it’s one of the easiest ways to get your posts seen by new people in your area. With a little bit of practise and a few bucks, you can increase engagement, likes, follows, and ultimately create new customers!
    3. Pricing. If you’re underbooked, take a look at how you price. Are you on the low, mid, or high end of lash services in your area? Being mid-range might seem like the safest way to get clients, but it’s actually one reason lash artists get overlooked. Clients looking for high-end services, and those wanting a bargain will pass you by, and you’ll be left fighting for clients who could just as easily choose any other provider. Offering high-end services at a high-end price automatically puts you in a niche market with less competition, and (bonus!) a higher-paying client base.


    4. Results. Are you providing your clients the results you promised? If you want to attract new clients (and keep the ones you have!) give your current clients the most beautifully crafted lash sets they’ve ever seen! Creating a happy customer not only ensures that they’ll stick with you, but it gives them every reason to recommend you to their friends.

    5. No buzz. Who doesn’t love a little bit of hype? If you want to generate some buzz around your business, consider offering your services at discounted rates to local celebs or influencers for a social media post or two! Or host a lash bash in your salon for your clients and their friends—do live demos, provide snacks, and light that Instagram story up!

    A successful lashing career demands more than just beautiful lash sets. It means tapping into your #bossbabe potential and learning how to attract and keep a steady client base through solid branding, efficient marketing, and business knowhow. LashPRO Accelerator™ is a 35-week online course designed to fill in the gaps left by conventional lashing courses and is the only online business course developed for lash artists to teach you how to work smarter, increase profits, and cultivate healthy work/life balance. LashPRO Accelerator™ is only available once a year, and enrollment closes May 12. So bring out the boss in you and enroll today!


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