4 Reasons to Use L and L+ Lashes

4 Reasons to Use L and L+ Lashes

Unfamiliar with L and L+ curls? Nervous about incorporating them into your lash repertoire? Time to push past the doubts and start using them, because these unique curls are becoming a MAJOR trend. Here are 4 times you should start using Ls:


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1. Your client has straight or downward-facing lashes

Not everyone’s lashes have a natural curve to them, and many lash artists find it tricky to create a sharp set on clients with straighter lashes, or on those whose lashes grow down. But, according to Sugarlash PRO Education & Product Development Director, Tamra Hami, the flat base of L and L+ curls allow them to bond really nicely with straight lashes. “The straight base allows for maximum connection with a straighter lash, so the bond is great, says Hami. 

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2. You need spikes for your strip lash look

Let’s be real — at least half your client list is asking for the strip lash look, right? Sometimes called the Kim K, the strip lash look is easily one of the most perennially popular lash sets. Because who DOESN’T want all that glam texture? And for Sugarlash PRO Educator, Debbie Vo, there’s nothing better than L and L+ curls to serve as the skeleton for all that feathery texture. “L and L+ lashes are perfect as the spikes of a strip lash look due to the fact they sit higher on the lash.” Says Hami, “Because the L curl tips are straight, they give the ultimate strip lash effect creating an edgy textured effect. Mix with additional curls for increased profile volume and texture.”

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3. You want to create the ULTIMATE liner effect

Wanna get your clients to kick eyeliner to the curb? Give them a dreamy lash line complete with L curls! Hami’s advice? “Use textured mapping to create fluffy tips with a dense lash line, or Perfect Line mapping to create a crisp liner effect. Plus, using shorter lengths will keep your set dense and full, which mimics a drawn on winged liner.”


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4. If your client has hooded eyes

Hooded eyes — where a prominent brow bone obscures the crease — can present a real challenge to lash artists. But for hooded eyes, L and L+ curls are the secret weapon as these draw the lashes outwards and upwards, creating a lot of lift. And due to the flat base, there’s no chance of the lashes curling back and hitting the eyelid like a D-Curl would. 

As with anything, L and L+ curls still have their limitations. Says Hami, “We do not recommend L curl on clients with round eyes, because it can cause their eyes to appear even more open. If you choose to use L curl on clients with round eyes, keep the length short,  and/or use only in the outer corners to create a winged or liner effect.” 

Still nervous to get the L and L+ curl ball rolling? Find a good client currently sporting a heavy curl and start filling with L. It’s baby steps, but makes such a huge difference!
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