Types of Eye Shapes: Tips for Each Type

Types of Eye Shapes: Tips for Each Type

Have you ever tried to do a smokey eye and felt a little raccoon-like? Or what about when you try to use a different eyeliner technique that you’re not used to? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Chances are you just don’t know what kind of eye shape you have

As lash professionals, it’s important that we’re able to identify the eye shapes our clients have. That way, we can choose the proper types of lashes to use on them. This also helps us identify any accessories, styling techniques, and mapping we might need to get the job done correctly and balance each person's unique features. 

There are six different kinds of eye shapes: round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned, and almond. Staring in the mirror for about five minutes is all you need to do in order to determine your eye shape. Start by identifying your own eye shape so you can better help clients determine theirs. 

How Can I Figure Out My Eye Shape?

There are unique characteristics to each and every eye shape that help us find out what kind of shape we have and what lash style will suit the client best. Do you think you know the different eye shapes? Let’s find out!


The easiest and most accurate way to determine if you have round eyes is based on the colored part of the eye, AKA the iris. You will know you have round eyes when you can see white below the iris. If you are looking straight ahead in the mirror, and see any white at the top or bottom of the iris, then chances are you have round eyes! Round eyes are usually almost as tall as they are wide and round-eyed clients look very “alert” at all times. 


Take a look at your eyelid. Is there a crease in it? If you answered no to this question, then you have the monolid eye shape! One sure way of knowing this is your eye shape is whether or not you have much (if any) of a crease where your eyelid meets your eyebrow. Those with the monolid eye shape cannot see the crease of their eyelid, even when the eye is open all the way. 


The monolid eye shape and the hooded eye shape are very similar. However, there is one main difference: unlike the monolid eye shape, hooded eyes actually have a crease. With hooded eyes, skin hangs over the crease, which makes the upper eyelid appear smaller than it actually is. 


If you take a look at the outermost corner of your eye and see that it is lower than the inner corner of the eye, then you have the downturned eye shape!

If you are still feeling iffy about whether or not you have the downturned eye shape, there is another fast and easy way to determine whether or not you have downturned eyes. Picture a line going across your eyes. If the outer corner is below that imaginary line, you definitely have downturned eyes. 


In order to find out if you have upturned eyes, take that same imaginary line and do the opposite. If that outer corner is now above the imaginary line, you have upturned eyes. 


The almond eye shape is the trickiest to determine because it is based on a combination of everything we discussed already. Focus on your iris, but also the crease of your eye. There has to be an evident crease in your eyelid, and your iris has to touch white on the top and the bottom. Another key detail about almond eyes is that those outermost corners slightly turn upward. 80% of people have almond eye shapes and it is the most balanced of all the eye shapes. 

What Is the Best Lash Look for My Specific Eye Shape?

Now that you have figured out what your exact eye shape is, you can start putting on lashes that best suit it. Lash extensions are made to enhance what is already there, so do just that. Talk to your technician about these lash extension styles that will bring all the attention to your gorgeous eyes.

Monolid Eye Shape

Now, as we said before, you either have a minuscule crease or none whatsoever. The key to a killer monolid lash look are extensions like a Reverse set that slightly emphasize the outer middle of your eye, above your outer iris, and the middle of your pupil. 

Doll and Open styles will also help create the illusion of a distinct crease by creating the most dramatic all-over lifted effect possible, especially if you have wide-set monolid eyes. 

If you have an outer corner that could benefit from a lift in addition to your monolid eye shape, you can also consider the Flick style for elongation and emphasis above the outer pupil and iris. 

When styling lash extensions for monolid eye shapes, place the curliest and longest layer of lashes on the bottom layer to support the top layer. This placement will help the top layers bend towards your eyelid and create the appearance of an eyelid crease. The stronger and more lifted the curl, the more likely you’ll be to create a monocrease effect.  

Round Eye Shape

If you have round eyes, you are better off sticking to a natural and universally flattering style like a Natural lash. Most people with round eyes have their inner and outer corners on an even plane, meaning they don’t have ascending or descending eye shapes. By drawing attention outward and upward to the outer middle of the eye, you’ll be able to emphasize your open shape. 

However, part of the ideal styling for round eyes is ensuring that you look bright-eyed without looking shocked. By playing down the curl of your look, you’ll be able to tone down your naturally surprised expression. This slight curl will elongate your eye instead of adding height, creating a sultry appearance. You can also achieve this look with a Flick style, which lengthens the eyes as well. 

For fashionistas that prefer a little more flounce, you can add a stronger curl towards the outer corner of rounded eyes past the iris to create drama without over-emphasizing your alert eye shape. Sugarlash PRO’s Runway Lash in a CC- or D-curl is the perfect lash for your fashionista client.

Of course, face shape will come into play here as well. If you have a round face, you’ll want to focus your length in the middle of your eye. This is especially true for downturned round eyes, which may require extra emphasis in the middle of the eye to create a lifted illusion, unlike round eyes that prefer a lengthening style. 

These modifications are a nice reminder that each person’s lash needs are different, and no guide should be taken as a one-size-fits-all approach to lash styling. 

While most round eyes will support elongated, open styles, face shape, and eye positioning have as much of an effect on lash choices as your eye shape itself. When in doubt, talk to a professional lash technician about their suggestions for faces that might break the typical formula.

Sugarlash PRO Tip: If your client comes in and wants to draw more attention to their round eyes, use our Plush Lashes to create a doll eye effect. 

Hooded Eye Shape

Just like there are similarities between the shape of hooded and monolid eyes, there are similarities between the best lash extensions for each shape. Hooded eyes cover the crease, so it is all about finding lashes that will highlight it instead. 

Reverse, Doll, and Open lash shapes will help create the illusion of a crease, and the Doll lash shape will also help open the hooded eye by bringing focus to the middle of the lid. Meanwhile, a perky-but-subtle curl on the bottom lashes paired alongside a dramatically sloped curl with a straight base on top can help lift hooded eyes and provide maximum eyelid clearance.

Sugarlash PRO Tip: When choosing lashes to apply to your client with this eye shape, go for our Runway Lashes. These semi-matte, bold, and dark lashes will for sure help make hooded eyes pop. 

Downturned Eye Shape

For those of you who have potential clients with downturned eyes, it’s likely that you have found their eye shape a little daunting. After all, it is a challenge to change the shape of an eye using lashes! . Believe us, we understand. Again, this is where lash styling plays a very important role. Here are some tips that will make your downturned eye clients pop:

  • Emphasize their shape while making the eyes appear wider than they actually are. This can be done by using longer lashes at the center to outer corners of your client’s eyes.
  • Open and Doll style lashes will emphasize the middle of the eye to draw attention away from the outer edges. This shift in focus towards the middle of the eye prevents downturned eyes from appearing droopy.
  • Use our Flat Lashes for a fuller and bolder lash look on your clients.

Upturned Eye Shape

Upturned eye shapes call for some trial and error. Just remember that you are going to want to draw attention to your eye shape. You can do this by learning how to do winged liner, buying some fake lashes, or both! 

Cat-eye, natural, or flick styles that elongate your eye emphasize your eye’s natural cat-eye shape. Your natural feline-shaped eyes have the best shape for cat-eye styling, and these lash styles take full advantage of your sultry and lifted features.

Almond Eye Shape

The good thing about having an almond eye shape is that they are pretty symmetrical. You do not have to bring attention to a certain part of your eye. Instead, you can just use lash extensions to highlight the shape that is already there! 

Here are some of the best tips for enhancing your shape:

  • Like round eyes, most people with almond-shaped eyes have an even horizontal plane, unlike upturned or downturned eyes. This means emphasizing the middle of your eye using a natural lash shape will create the ideal lash shape for your clients’ eyes.
  • Because almond eyes are one of the most common eye shapes, most curl patterns will be flattering. Stay away from sleepy, subtle curl styles and focus on lifted shapes to emphasize your clients’ natural shape.
  • Because almond eyes support so many different lash styles, you’ll be able to focus on other elements of their face and eyes when choosing a lash style. Whether you choose to plan your clients’ lashes around their natural growth pattern, their face shape, or considerations like a monolid or contradictory features, almond eyes give you room to easily experiment with tons of different styles and find what works best for your individual client. 

All Eye Shapes Are Beautiful

By the time you finish this, you should have all the information you need in order to be as amazing at your craft as any lash professional in the industry. Understanding your eye shape will help your lash looks be the best that it can be. 

Plus, you’ll be able to better guide your clients in choosing the correct lashes based on their eye shape which will make all the difference when you’re trying to build your clientele. Clients will appreciate the extra effort in knowing you’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of lash tech, but rather a “all eye shapes are unique and deserve to be showcased and highlighted” kind of artist. You’ll both be happy with the end result, and that’s a win-win!



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