The Roman Empire: Lash Artist Edition

The Roman Empire: Lash Artist Edition

For those of you not yet addicted to the clock app (yes, you know the one), then consider yourselves lucky! The latest TikTok trend has women asking their partners how often they think about the Roman Empire, and the answers have ranged from “at least 1-2 times a day” to one enthusiastic husband launching into an in-depth explanation that he can never not think about the Roman Empire because our whole world has been shaped by the Romans. 

This trend has inevitably led to women asking each other what their version of the Roman Empire is (aka that thing you think about once a day that lives rent free in the back of your brain). Predictably, the answers have a little more variety from ex-best friends to that one scene in Twilight (loca, is that you?). But we have to ask…lash artists, what is your version of the Roman Empire? For us, it’s the endless debate between Single versus Mixed Length lash trays. 


Single Length Lash Trays

Using single length lash trays can offer several advantages to lash artists. They can streamline the workflow for lash artists by having all lashes of the same length in one tray. This means lash artists can then work more efficiently, reducing the time spent searching for the right lash length and minimizing the risk of mix-ups due to tired eyes or human error. This efficiency can lead to increased productivity and ultimately more satisfied clients.

Another advantage of single length lash trays is the simplicity they offer. Lash artists can develop a deep understanding of the specific length they are working with, allowing for consistent results. This consistency is vital in maintaining a strong and loyal client base. Clients often return for lash extensions not only because of the visual impact but also because they appreciate the reliability of the service.

Single length trays can also be cost-effective for lash artists. Since they contain lashes of one length, there's less wastage compared to mixed trays where various lengths may go unused. This can help artists manage their inventory more efficiently and reduce overall expenses.


Moreover, single length trays can be a valuable tool for lash artists who are still honing their skills. Working with a single length provides an excellent opportunity to master the fundamental techniques of lash extension application before delving into more complex styles. It allows artists to build confidence and expertise gradually, resulting in better outcomes for their clients.

Single length lash trays offer precision, efficiency, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and a valuable learning experience for lash artists. These advantages can significantly contribute to the success and reputation of a lash artist's practice. While mixed trays have their place, single length trays remain a valuable choice for lash artists looking to provide top-notch service and achieve beautiful, consistent results for their clients.


Mixed Length Lash Trays

Using mixed length lash trays comes with its own set of advantages. These trays typically contain a variety of lash lengths in a single palette, allowing for more flexibility and creativity during the lash extension application process.

Mixed length lash trays provide lash artists with the ability to create a more natural and customized look for their clients. Not all clients have the same eye shape or lash density, and having a range of lengths in one place to choose from allows for a tailored approach. This versatility enables lash artists to blend shorter lashes near the inner corners of the eyes with longer ones towards the outer corners, mimicking the natural lash growth pattern and enhancing the overall appearance.

Creativity is an integral part of most advanced lash artists techniques. Using mixed length trays encourage lash artists to be more creative and artistic in their work. They can experiment with different combinations of lengths to create unique lash designs that suit the client's preferences or the occasion. This level of customization is often appreciated by clients who seek a personalized lash extension experience. Whether it’s following a lash map, creating a spiky or wet lash look, or even creating your own signature lash style, mixed length trays are definitely a must have in any lash artists’ kit.

In addition to enhancing creativity, mixed length lash trays can also improve the artist's inventory management. Instead of purchasing multiple trays of single-length lashes, artists can invest in a few mixed length palettes, which can help reduce costs and minimize waste. This is not only environmentally responsible, but also economically advantageous for the artist in the long run, and all while contributing to the artist's professional growth and skill development. Working with various lash lengths challenges the artist to refine their technique and adapt to different lash types, ultimately leading to an improved skill set and the ability to meet a wider range of client needs.

They are also a massive time saver! Instead of constantly reaching for different trays with single-length lashes, lash artists can have all the options they need in one convenient palette. This efficiency can lead to a smoother and more streamlined application process, benefiting both the artist and the client by reducing the overall appointment duration.

Mixed length lash trays have their own sets of advantages, and there’s no question that they are a key part to a lash artist’s creativity, versatility, and effectiveness. These trays are a valuable tool in a lash artist's kit, enabling them to provide tailored, natural-looking lash extensions while enhancing their overall efficiency and expertise.

So is it a matter of preference? Is one better than the other? You tell us because we cannot stop thinking about which one is best! And we are all about providing the best for our lash artists. 

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