SLP Approved Lash Hacks that Actually Work

SLP Approved Lash Hacks that Actually Work

Let's be honest for a second – even with all the fun of creating stunning looks and filling clients with confidence, some days those tiny lashes can be a challenge. From finicky lashes to product frustrations and those extra-long days, we all need those insider tricks to make our work lives smoother.That's why we at Sugarlash PRO are all about sharing the insider knowledge to make your work easier and those lashes even more flawless. Here are five genius hacks to transform your lash game:

Hack 1 - Isolation Tricks

If your usual isolation technique is giving you a headache, don't despair – there's a better way! Think of it as the "two tweezer tango." Start with a pair of super-fine, straight-tipped tweezers to gently grasp your target lash. Then, grab a second pair with a curved or flat base and use them to smoothly nudge those neighboring lashes out of the way. This gives you maximum space as you isolate and allows you to scoop up your target lash perfectly while gently opening your isolation tweezers. Clean isolation means perfect placement, longer retention, and clients who can't get enough of their gorgeous lashes!

Hack 2 - Glue Storage 

Want your lash glue to perform its best and last as long as possible? It's all about storage strategy. Here's the secret: Before you open that fresh new bottle, pop it in a container with rice or silica beads! Unopened adhesive absolutely loves the cool environment, and it can stay fresh for up to 6 months. Once it's open, the rules change to keep it performing at its peak. Remember the magic words: airtight container, cool, dark, and dry spot. Fresh, properly stored glue creates the strongest lash bonds possible, which translates to retention that keeps your schedule full.

Hack 3 - Tape Tips for Easy Removal 

The tape-back method is a lash artist's dream for creating those perfectly layered sets, but peeling that tape off can be terrifying! Breathe easy, here's the solution: Detacking is your new best friend. Before you apply any eyelid tape (and we always recommend our ultra-gentle micropore or surgical options!), give it a few gentle taps on the back of your hand. This reduces the stickiness just enough for smooth, lash-safe removal.

 If you prefer a different approach, grab a micro swab! Dip it in a bit of primer and lightly coat the top of the tape – now you've got an easy-removal surface that won't pull out lashes with it.

Hack 4 - Tame Those Tricky Lashes 

Downward lashes got you down? Inner or outer corner lashes driving you crazy? Eyelid tape is your magic solution! Give those lids a gentle lift with a strategic bit of tape. Place one end near the lash line and use the other to softly lift the eyelid just a bit higher. This instantly exposes even the trickiest lashes for easy application. Bonus points: This works wonders for mature clients with looser skin, giving you a clear view, making the process easier, and ensuring a comfortable lash experience for them.

Hungry for More? We've Got You. 

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