Lash Looks You May Have Have Missed from the 2024 Met Gala

Lash Looks You May Have Have Missed from the 2024 Met Gala

Fashion’s biggest night brings together celebrities, designers, and most of all, art. This year’s theme, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” pays homage to delicate fashion pieces that have been deemed too fragile to display vertically on a mannequin or pinned up. Because of their delicate nature, they are displayed laying flat and referred to as “sleeping beauties”. Of course, at Sugarlash PRO, these works of art in fashion remind us of our lash artists’ clients, laying down to be pampered and beautified with works of art in the form of lash extensions! 

This year’s dress code “Garden of Time” encouraged celebrities and designers to unleash their inner “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking” moment (we can only imagine what the inspiration for Meryl Streep’s iconic character thinks of all the florals gracing the green carpet at this year’s Met Gala).

Let’s dive into our favourite lash looks of the season and show you how you can recreate these avant-garde looks into a fun, wearable, everyday look for your clients.


It wouldn’t be a Met Gala without Zendaya, who delivered not one but two stunning looks. We’re going to be talking about her first outfit, inspired by the royal blue and emerald tones of a peacock, was only further complimented by the gothic-chic dramatic makeup. 

Inspired? Here’s how you can recreate it on your clients:

Focus: Fluttery, Wispy with a touch of Drama


  • Base: Use a mix of wispy and classic lashes in lengths 8mm to 12mm for a natural look with a bit more volume.
  • Inner Corner: Apply individual lashes in shorter lengths (6mm-7mm) to create a light definition in the inner tear duct area.
  • Center of the Lash Line: Here, focus on applying wispy lashes in varying lengths (8mm-10mm) to create a fluttery effect.
  • Outer Corner: Transition into slightly longer classic lashes (10mm-12mm) for a subtle cat-eye extension and a touch of drama, mimicking the dark feminine energy of Zendaya's look.
  • Color: Opt for black lashes for a classic and bold look, or consider a deep brown for a softer, more wearable effect.

Application Tips:

  • Use lash glue with a fine tip for precise application.
  • Apply individual lashes in clusters of 2-3 lashes for a more natural look.
  • Focus on applying lashes to the natural lash line for optimal comfort and wear.

Additional Touches:

  • For a touch of extra drama, add a few individual lashes with a slight curl at the outer corner to accentuate the cat-eye effect.
  • If the client desires a more prominent pop, consider adding a single, pre-made cluster lash with slightly more volume towards the outer corner.

Remember: This is just a guide! Feel free to adjust lash lengths, volumes, and placement to suit the client's eye shape and desired level of drama.

Ariana Grande

Glinda the Good has left Oz to make an appearance at the 2024 Met Gala. Her look was angelic with iridescent wings framing her eyes and we couldn’t help but think she did indeed look like a beauty on the green carpet (no shade to Elphaba of course, it wasn’t our choice to make the carpet green).

Inspired? Here’s how to achieve her angel eyes:

Focus: Soft, dreamy, and subtly lifted


  • Base Lashes: A mix of C and CC curls in varying lengths for a wispy and natural feel.
    • Consider mixing brown and black lashes for added depth and softness.
  • Lengths: 8mm - 13mm for the main portion with a focus on shorter to medium lengths for a gentle look.
  • Placement:
    • Inner Corner: 8mm - 10mm for subtle definition.
    • Center: 10mm - 12mm for soft fullness and a slightly open-eyed effect.
    • Outer Corner: 11mm - 13mm, tapering down for a light, upward lift


  • Mapping: Mostly doll-eye style with a slight emphasis on the outer edges to create a subtle lift.
  • Volume: Individual lashes and pre-made fans (2D-4D) for gentle volume and a fluttery look.

Application Pro Tips:

  • Glue: Use a clear-drying adhesive for a seamless look.
  • Fans: Focus on applying fans slightly wide at the base for a wispy effect that blends with the natural lashes.
  • Curl: The C and CC curls create a natural and gentle lift, mimicking Ariana's soft, angelic eyes.


  • More Drama: Add a few longer individual lashes (14mm) in the very outer corner for a more noticeable doe-eyed effect.
  • Extra Sparkle: Add tiny lash gems or a shimmery eyeliner to echo the interstellar highlighter Ariana used.

Reminder: This is an everyday glam style, but it can still be dramatic! Customize it for your clients' comfort and desired level of angelic vibes.

Lana Del Rey

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t obsessed with Lana Del Rey’s look at the Met Gala this year. The singer branched out (pun intended) and brought us the whole tree rather than just a garden. Though the veil shrouded her face, it didn’t stop us from noticing her captivating doe-eyed gaze.

Inspired? Here’s how to achieve this doe-eyed look:

Focus: Wide, lifted, and alluring eyes


  • Base Lashes: A mix of C, CC, and D curls for creating lift and a noticeable curl.
  • Lengths: 9mm - 15mm. Focus on medium to longer lengths to emphasize the elongated effect.
  • Placement:
    • Inner Corner: 9mm - 11mm to open up the eyes.
    • Center: 12mm - 14mm for maximum length and fullness
    • Outer Corner: 13mm – 15mm, with a slight downward taper for a lifted, winged-out effect.


  • Mapping: Primarily a doll-eye style mapping, but with a less dramatic central volume and a subtle outward flick.
  • Volume: A mix of individual lashes and volume fans (3D - 5D) for a blend of definition and fullness.

Application Pro Tips:

  • Glue: Use a fast-drying adhesive for efficient application and to prevent the longer lashes from drooping.
  • Clusters: Consider strategically adding individual lash clusters towards the outer corners for an extra dramatic effect.
  • Curl: The mix of C, CC, and D curls will create a beautiful lifted effect, mimicking the wide-eyed doe look.


  • Subtle Doe: Use shorter lengths (10mm-13mm) and fewer volume fans for a softer effect.
  • Dramatic Doe: Add extra length to the outer corners (16mm) and use more volume fans for a bolder look.

Reminders to Lash Artists:

  • Patch Test: Always patch test clients for new adhesives or lashes to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Angles: Pay close attention to the angle of application, ensuring the lashes fan upward and outward.
  • Styling Symmetry: Regularly step back to assess the symmetry of both eyes to ensure a balanced look.

Eva Chen

Described as “gothic elsa” the garden of time has clearly frozen over for Eva Chen. The journalist turned director of fashion partnerships at Instagram had us frozen in place when she emerged sporting lashes with literal frosted tips. 

Inspired? Here’s how to achieve Eva Chen’s frosty glam:

Focus: Dramatic, textured, and slightly icy


  • Base Lashes:
    • Consider higher gloss black lashes for the "ice" effect.
    • Curls with strong lift are key – a strong C curl, CC curl, or D curl for a bold look.
  • Lengths:
    • Shorter inner corner lengths (8-10mm)
    • Gradually increasing length toward the center (10mm-13mm)
    • Longest lengths at the outer corner (14mm+)
  • Placement:
    • A slightly flared cat-eye style will provide the base shape
    • Emphasize building textured layers from the center of the eye outwards


  • Mapping: Start with a basic cat-eye, but exaggerate the outer flare
  • Texture: Key to the "gothic Elsa" vibe. Achieve this by:
    • Layering lashes of different lengths close together for a spiky, dramatic appearance.
    • Adding individual lash clusters or criss-crossing lash sets for more intensity
    • Incorporating lashes with a slightly uneven lash line to mimic the appearance of frost

Application Pro Tips

  • Sturdy Adhesive: Essential for handling the layered textures and potential extra weight of textured lashes
  • Tweezer Choice: Fine-tipped tweezers will allow precise control when creating the layered effect.
  • White/Silver Lash Accents: If applicable, add strategically to the center and outer corners.


  • Less Dramatic: Use classic black lashes and lessen the textured effect for a more wearable, wintery take
  • More Sparkly: Swap white accents for tiny iridescent gems, or use a glitter liner

Reminders to Lash Artists:

  • Inspiration Images: Keep a photo of Eva Chen's look as reference.
  • Balance: The lashes must be striking but not overwhelm the rest of the eye makeup.
  • Client Suitability: This is a bold look! Ensure it aligns with the client's overall aesthetic and comfort level.

Maddie Cline

Netflix's Outerbanks actress has brought us to the edge of the banks with her ethereal glam. Complimenting her Met Gala gown, her makeup look this year focused on a soft, natural lift. Contrary to popular belief, lash extensions don’t have to look like fluffy caterpillars on your eyelids (unless that’s your vibe and we love that for you!), and Cline’s Met Gala look is a perfect example of how you can achieve a natural lash look using extensions. 

Inspired? Here’s how to achieve this subtle glam:

Focus: Subtle enhancement with a touch of ethereal sparkle


  • Base Lashes:
    • Opt for a natural-looking curl, like a gentle C-curl, for a soft lift.
    • Consider mixing brown and black lashes for a more dimensional and subtle effect.
  • Lengths: Focus on medium lengths for a natural yet noticeable look:
    • Inner corner (8-10mm)
    • Center (10-12mm)
    • Outer Corner (11-13mm)
  • Placement:
    • Balanced doll-eye style to emphasize the rounded shape of the eyes and create a sense of openness.


  • Mapping: Primarily a doll-eye map, with a very subtle emphasis on length in the outer corner for a slight lift.
  • Volume: Keep it delicate, using mostly individual lashes and a few pre-made fans (2D-3D) for a gentle, fluttery effect.

Application Pro Tips

  • "No-lash" Lash: Use the shortest length lashes on the inner third for a natural-looking blend.
  • Sparse and Defined: Avoid heavy volume or thick layering for this look. Sparse, well-separated lashes will enhance without overtaking the eyes.
  • Sparkle: A hint of iridescent or white glitter liner along the lash line adds to the whimsical vibe without being overwhelming.


  • Everyday Elegance: Use shorter lengths throughout the map (8mm - 11mm) for a more everyday version of this wearable glam.
  • Touch More Drama: Add 2-3 extra-long individual lashes (14mm+) to the outer corners for a subtle cat-eye lift.

Reminders to Lash Artists

  • Skin Prep: Radiant skin is key to this look - emphasize the importance of proper skincare to your client.
  • Less is More: The emphasis here is natural beauty – avoid using too many lashes or overly heavy volume.
  • Balance: The lashes should be a complement to Cline's soft, glowing makeup, not the main focus.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're channeling Eva Chen's edgy ice queen, Madelyn Cline's ethereal sparkle, or finding inspiration from other Met Gala beauties, experimenting with these lash looks is a fantastic way to elevate your lash artistry! If you give any of these looks a try, make sure to tag @sugarlashpro and share your unique lash looks. We can't wait to see how you bring the Met Gala magic to life!

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