Dive into Glamour: Halle Bailey's Lash Transformation for "The Little Mermaid" Movie

Dive into Glamour: Halle Bailey's Lash Transformation for "The Little Mermaid" Movie

Lights, camera, sp-lashes! The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of "The Little Mermaid" is making waves, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Among the many elements that contribute to creating the enchanting world under the sea, Halle Bailey's stunning lash transformation steals the spotlight. We'll dive into the art of lash styling for the movie and share why they chose lash extensions over strip lashes for this underwater adventure, and how you can achieve this mermaid princess look on your clients! 

Lash Styling for "The Little Mermaid"

When it came to bringing the beloved character Ariel to life, every detail mattered. From the flowing red locks to the shimmering tail, the transformation needed to be captivating. Lashes played a significant role in enhancing Halle Bailey's mesmerizing eyes and adding an ethereal touch to her appearance.

 Ria Biggerstaff (@riabiggerstaffmakeup) was hired as Halle Bailey’s Eyelash Technician for the movie and together they came up with what we’re now calling the Disney Princess Lash. They wanted to make sure her overall look struck a balance between enhancing Halle Bailey's natural beauty and ensuring her lashes harmonized with the effortlessly classic Disney princess look.

Why Lash Extensions Instead of Strip Lashes?

Lash extensions were the ultimate choice for Halle Bailey's lash transformation in "The Little Mermaid." Here's why:

  1. Seamless Integration: Strip lashes, while popular for enhancing the eyes, can sometimes appear artificial, especially up close. Lash extensions, on the other hand, seamlessly blend with natural lashes, creating a more natural and realistic effect. This was crucial for achieving the authentic look of a mermaid effortlessly gliding through the water.
  2. Longevity: Filming a movie requires long hours on set, with multiple takes and scenes. Lash extensions are designed to last for weeks, ensuring consistent, flawless lashes throughout the filming process. With the intricate underwater scenes and demanding shooting schedules, Halle Bailey could rely on her lash extensions to stay put, maintaining the allure of Ariel's character.
  3. Minimal Maintenance: Lash extensions provided Halle Bailey with a hassle-free beauty routine. Strip lashes often require daily application and removal, which can be time-consuming, especially during busy shooting days. Lash extensions, once applied, required minimal upkeep, allowing Halle to focus on her performance and effortlessly slip into Ariel's character.
  4. Waterproof Wonder: The underwater world of "The Little Mermaid" demanded lashes that could withstand the water. Lash extensions, when properly applied, are resistant to water, making them the perfect choice for a movie set immersed in aquatic scenes. No matter how deep Ariel dove, her lashes remained flawless, accentuating her every expression.

How to Achieve Halle’s Siren Eyes

In a sit down with Kirbie Johnson (@kirbiejohnson) Ria outlines some of her tips and tricks to get this gorgeous set like overlapping length zones, mixing curls and thickness, and adding narrow fans to fill any growth gaps in the lashes.  The biggest thing to remember - they should be perfectly imperfect!

 Once you’ve taken the time to assess your client’s natural lashes, create a cat eye style lash map with a dense lash line, ensuring to exaggerate the outer lashes just enough to add drama without looking like a Who from Whoville. Because of her natural eye shape, Halle’s lashes brought the dramatic youthful look needed to portray the adventure seeking Ariel. It’s important to understand your client’s eye shape and create a lash style that is both complimentary while also delivering on the siren lashes created for Halle.

 If you want to recreate the look using Sugarlash Pro Runway extensions, which are crafted with the finest synthetic fibers, meticulously designed to provide a lightweight and comfortable feel, your lash map should focus on the outer corners and taper in with a soft volume lash look throughout the eye. For some extra dimension you can add in Vol X Promade Fans to add a wispy effect while keeping density on the lash line. Our lashes, we aimed to enhance the uniqueness of every client while maintaining the integrity of their individual beauty.

 Are you going to try out the Disney Princess look with your clients? Show off your take on this innovative twist on a traditional lash style and tag us in your masterpiece! 

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