Best Lashes for Your Next Getaway!

Best Lashes for Your Next Getaway!

End of summer doesn’t mean the vacations end too! Whether you’re gearing up for a fall road trip or a winter getaway, here’s your guide to making sure your lashes are the last thing you need to worry about this season! After all, planning a vacation should be exciting, filled with destination and outfit choices that reflect your travel style from hostels to hotels. So it’s no surprise many travellers are faced with the decision to opt for lash extensions that can significantly impact your vacation routine. The right lashes can not only eliminate the need for daily makeup application, but also add a touch of effortless glam to your overall appearance. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic flair, selecting the best type of lash extensions for your vacation involves understanding the options available and aligning them with the activities and environment you'll be experiencing. In this guide, we'll explore various lash extension types that are well-suited for vacations, ensuring you make a choice that enhances your travel experience and leaves you feeling effortlessly confident throughout your journey.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

When planning your next vacation, you’re probably thinking about how great it will be to look your best in a new place, and a hot climate is usually the first thing you think of when booking a vacation. And with heat comes the likelihood of humidity along with it. Both heat and humidity can only lead to one thing: sweating. Which makes the idea of putting on any type of foundation and mascara seem terrible. Not only that, but you’ll likely be near some body of water. Another element that doesn’t mix well with foundation and mascara. After all, the cute pool pics tend to be a little less cute when you have mascara running down your face from the ocean/pool/sweat combo. So which lash extensions do we recommend for your next beach vacation?

Now there’s two distinct types of hot, tropical vacationers: the All-Inclusives and the Tropical Trekkers. Tropical trekkers are not to be confused with the Euro Backpackers!

For all-inclusive resort vacationers, we recommend going with a mix of classic and glam: hybrid lashes. These lashes are perfect for your next relaxing getaway where you’re being waited on hand and foot while sipping icy margs by the pool or getting a beachside massage. Hybrid lashes mix the classic and volume lash ratio to create the perfect effortless and relaxed look that fits your vacation vibe. All-inclusive resort goers tend to be people who need a getaway where they can truly relax and let themselves be taken care of. They want the high maintenance treatment for minimal effort on their part! 

Tropical Trekkers are opposite and yet similar from the All-Inclusives in many ways. They are low maintenance, but do high maintenance routines to still look and feel their best, even while trekking through tropical jungles and backpacking The Great Wall. Because their life has been consolidated into a 40L backpack, this means taking a hard look at their makeup routines and determining what’s necessary – while also taking into account all the adventures they’ll be going on from climbing mountains to nights out on the town with their hostelmates. For these types of travellers, we recommend sticking to a classic lash. It gives just enough to amplify the eyes while also being low maintenance enough that losing a couple along the way won’t derail your look. Lash extensions will also save you a ton of time as you’re hopping from boat to plane to scooter getting to your next destination! Just because you’ll be backpacking, doesn’t mean you can’t still feel good while doing it!

Across the Pond

As we hinted above, the next type of vacationer will be our European destination besties. Similarly, there are two distinct categories: Backpackers and Fashionistas. And some that fall in the middle. 

For our European Backpackers, we recommend going with either a lash lift or a classic lash, depending on where your travels take you. Lash lifts are the definition of a low maintenance service that can take your look to the next level with that effortless je-ne-sais-quoi. Add a tint to your lashes for that extra oomph and ditch the mascara! The best part? A lash lift will last about 6-8 weeks before needing a touch up, making it the ideal service for those extended European vacays. Classic lashes are another option for Backpackers who don’t want it to seem like their life is in a 40L backpack. It’s a subtle glam that still gives off effortless clean girl aesthetic without being obvious. The only downside is that these lashes require a little more maintenance than a lash lift, with a fill being recommended every 2-4 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle. 

The Fashionista European travelers are likely the type to book the fancy hotels and plan dinners at the hottest places in town. It’s a no brainer that volume lashes would be our recommendation for the girlies who are all about the fashion and sights of metropolitan areas like Paris, London, Milan, and Barcelona. Volume lashes have come a long way from the overdone extra volumes of 2018 and have evolved into almost a more styled, voluminous lash. It’s great for people who want that glam look without packing their falsies and lash glue. As trends evolve, we’re seeing the emergence of a cleaner, sunkissed, and glowy vibe. For that reason, we’re also suggesting a lash lift and tint! Two completely different vibes, but it really depends on your own aesthetic and that’s the beauty of, well, beauty. 

Like travel, lashes are like a choose your own adventure where every answer is the right one. When thinking about your vacation prep, it’s important to consider your own travel style, your personality, and how active you plan to be while you’re on vacay! Happy travels!

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