Beauty Forecast: New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024

Beauty Forecast: New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024

September is one of the most electrifying times to be in New York with celebs, designers, and influencers all flooding into the Big Apple for the event of the season. This year, the runaways were awash with 90s vibes, villeggiatura (we’ll talk about it, don’t worry), and euphoric makeup that dazzled the runways. But what does this mean for Spring/Summer 2024 beauty trends? We’ll go beyond the fashion and dive into the beauty of it all, so you can get ready for warmer months ahead! 

90s Survival Revival

Millennials, rejoice or cringe—Helmut Lang's runway brought back the infamous headband comb this week. With slicked back buns being in style, it’s no wonder that this iconic accessory has regained popularity. Drifting away from its previously preppy look, designers and stylists chose edgier fashion, giving this accessory that 90s grunge feel. We predict spikier volume lashes that keep the clean girl vibe, yet add the striking edgy feel with strategic lash mapping, are expected to gain in popularity.

The 90s are back, and this time, they're edgier than ever.

Mermaid Style

Ever since the remake of Disney’s Little Mermaid, we’ve been loving embracing the aquatic siren, and that doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon for Spring/Summer 2024. The “wet look” made an appearance on many designers’ runways this week. If you haven’t practiced your wet lash lash map, use the winter to hone your craft and be ready to offer the perfect wet lash look this spring! Check out our Little Mermaid inspired lash map over on our instagram! 

Euphoric Vibes

HBO’s Euphoria took social media by storm and captured the attention of Gen Z with it’s dreamlike colourful aesthetic and liberal rhinestones. The runway sported rhinestoned models and casual fits, giving us the impression that bold and bedazzled lashes are up and coming for Spring/Summer 2024. Consider looking into some dainty, lash extension friendly decals that are featherweight and can be applied safely to lash extensions, or doing classic lashes that bear in mind the strong possibility of rhinestones being applied to the eyelid at some point.

Berry Soft

Drifting away from the rosy glowy lip trends for this past spring/summer season, we saw soft berry lips on the runway this year. A soft berry bitten lip paired with a lifted lash gave models the ultimate effortless look. Lash lifts look like they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you haven’t invested in a lash lift course, now is the time! 


Designer Khaite chose to embrace minimal embellishments and billowy silhouettes in this runway look that reaffirmed the perseverance of the clean girl, old money aesthetic is reigning supreme for yet another season. Embody Khaite’s runway looks by creating simple lash maps that have just a touch of drama. Consider how you can innovate classic lash styles like doll eyes or cat eyes and make them wholly your own.

Unlocking Villeggiatura

Now, let's demystify the term "villeggiatura" that has been cropping up in fashion circles. Villeggiatura, rooted in Italian, refers to the act of leaving the city to spend time in the countryside or a vacation home, often associated with relaxation and leisure. This concept has been woven into the fabric of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion trends, manifesting in the choice of soft pastels, easygoing fabrics, and a carefree attitude. Your effortless clients who hold Sofia Richie Grange as the epitome of “it girl” will absolutely embrace this vibe, and the best part? Lash looks are completely customizable to ensure that every client looking for that perfect balance between low maintenance and high maintenance are able to enjoy it. Study up on your lash maps and lash styles over the winter because we have a feeling you’ll be busy this season!

As we bid farewell to another exciting New York Fashion Week, it's clear that Spring/Summer 2024 is poised to breathe new life into existing beauty trends. From the revival of the 90s grunge to the allure of mermaid-inspired looks, and the bold and bedazzled vibes of "Euphoria," there's something for everyone to embrace. Don't forget to explore the world of soft berry lips and minimalist lash styles, all while keeping the spirit of villeggiatura in mind.

Get ready to elevate your beauty game and step into the warmer months ahead with confidence and style. The Spring/Summer 2024 beauty trends are set to go viral, and you don't want to miss out!

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