A Lash Artist's Guide to Black Friday

A Lash Artist's Guide to Black Friday

As the anticipation for Black Friday builds, lash artists everywhere are gearing up to replenish their favorite lash supplies - and maybe try some new products at a discounted price. To maximize your gains during the Black Friday sales, we've crafted a comprehensive Black Friday Buying Guide exclusively for our Sugarlash PRO fam. From creating your wishlists, to tips on which products to stock up on, and even ideas on how you can use Black Friday to reward existing clients and gain new ones!

Prioritize: Identify Your Needs

Compose a list of the essential lash products you use every day or love. These will always be the purchases you not only need the most, but also love the most. Think about your business needs, be it adhesives, lash trays, or restocking essential items like tapes and eye pads. Prioritizing helps you navigate the Black Friday frenzy like a PRO!

Set Reminders and Subscribe for Updates

Stay ahead by signing up for email announcements from Sugarlash PRO and follow us on Instagram with the notifications turned on so you never miss an update from us! Set reminders for sales' start times in your calendar to seize exclusive discounts right when they launch, and as always, act swiftly, as stock tends to deplete rapidly during Black Friday. 

Create a Wishlist in Advance

While FOMO may be a sign of the elderly now, the concept is the same. No one wants to miss out on a good deal. Browse the website and create your wishlist before the Black Friday sales kick off. This not only streamlines your shopping but also speeds up the amount of browsing and second-guessing we all do while getting caught up in the frenzy.

Explore Essential Lash Products:

Lashes: Choose from classic or volume lashes like our 6D Promades or the LBX Collection, known for their superior quality and true black hue.

Adhesives: Elevate your lash business with the popular Extreme Plus adhesives, offering quick dry time and prolonged life.

Tweezers: Consider the Premium Fibre Tip tweezers for precision and control. Take advantage of Black Friday for a cost-effective upgrade.

Salon Essentials: Enhance your lash room with items like lash pillows and lighting, all included in the Black Friday Sales.

Tools: Black Friday is also the perfect time to stock up on everyday essentials like mascara wands, lash tape, and eye pads.

Thinking About Retailing?

For those considering retail, Black Friday is an excellent time to stock up on aftercare products, retail kits, mascara wands, and more. Capitalize on the low prices to increase profits when selling to clients.

It’s Never Too Early for Christmas!

Post-Black Friday, gear up for Christmas by purchasing gifts for clients. Consider stocking up on items like LashSilk, Gentle Gel Cleanser, or Glaze to show appreciation and improve lash set retention. You can also use these products to run your own Black Friday promotions - such as every full set receives LashSilk or new clients receive Gentle Gel Cleanser. Now is your time to also attract new clients and reward loyal ones!

Try New Products:

Black Friday is the perfect time to also experiment with new products at discounted prices, such as our PRO-made VOL-X fans, our award-nominated Lash Lift system, or maybe one of our service amplifying liquids. Find your new favorite lash products with minimal risk. After all, if you buy it at 25% off, and divide it by the number of services you can get out the product, it’s basically free, right? Girl math! 

Plan for Shipping Delays

Bear in mind that Black Friday is a peak period, possibly causing shipping delays. Exercise patience, knowing that efforts are in place to expedite the delivery of your lash supplies.

This Black Friday presents an opportune moment for lash artists to restock favorites and explore exciting new products. Happy shopping, and may your lash stash flourish abundantly!

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