2024 Lash Trends Predictions: Tik Tok Edition

2024 Lash Trends Predictions: Tik Tok Edition

The last couple years may have seen the rising fever pitch that was clean girl aesthetic and the experts (Gen Z) have now confirmed that “Mob Wife” aesthetic and “2014 Tumblr Grunge Girl” aesthetic are now in (rejoice millennials this is our time to shine).

So how do we apply these dark moodier trends to our lashes? We’re happy to say it’s never been easier! 

Will brow laminations and lash lifts still be popular?

Without a doubt, yes! The trend towards feathery, natural-looking brows is expected to persist, as many individuals appreciate the subtle enhancement these techniques provide without the need for more dramatic measures like microblading, which is best suited for anyone who’s brows were a victim of the 90s micro brows, or extensive makeup, which can take lots of time and can edge dangerously close to the 2016 block brows. 

Lash lifts, which offer a fuss-free alternative to lash extensions, will probably continue to be a hit, especially among individuals who appreciate a more effortless yet captivating look for their eyes. It's like a friendly nod to low-maintenance beauty routines that many have embraced in 2022 - 2023 and prefer it still in 2024. Lash lifts are also extremely versatile, so even if you hop on the Mob Wife trend, your lashes will be perfect for the look! 

Mob Wife Aesthetic

Get your vintage (faux) furs out or hit up your local thrift store for some vintage finds, the mob wives have arrived. Mob Wife Aesthetic is all about the excess. From pairing leopard print (so much leopard print) with a lux faux fur coat, your favourite bad b sunnies, a pearl necklace, and a dirty martini (or mock-tini), this look is all about the attitude. Mob wife is the opposite of the clean girl, old money look we loved in 2023. Minimal makeup? Gone. Our eyes are no longer minimal, they are bold and fearless. 

In 2023, we saw the general population embrace natural lashes, minimal makeup, and quiet luxury, but in 2024 we are seeing more bold lashes and bold lips. To fit this aesthetic, we recommend any of your lash clients looking to embrace the mob wife look get Plush lux looking lashes that give black cat energy to compliment the resurgence of leopard print as a neutral color.

2014 Tumblr Grunge Girl

Oh, the days of 2014 Tumblr. Content on Tumblr during the 2014 era often featured a blend of text, images, and GIFs, allowing for a unique and visually rich form of communication. The 2014 Tumblr grunge girl aesthetic was characterized by a distinctive blend of alternative fashion, nostalgia for the '90s, and a moody, rebellious vibe. This aesthetic gained popularity on the Tumblr platform and was often associated with a particular style that incorporated elements from grunge, punk, and alternative subcultures. Think lots of ripped (often DIY) band T-shirts, shredded tights, flannels, and messy buns. 

To embrace this look, encourage your clients to go with a wispy or spiked hybrid set that compliments the overall angst and nostalgia that emanates from this aesthetic. This is one that evokes a sense of excitement in both millennials and Gen Z, so have fun playing with different lash textures - after all, the 90s were all about being rebellious and smelling that teen spirit! 

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